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Revolutionize audience impact at your event with interactive technologies.

Wow people with and transcend typical event technology.

Forget tired traditional tech. Create epic digital environments.

Many events nowadays have become monotonous. Technology is second nature to our consumer-driven culture, especially as our events are catering more and more to Gen Y and Millennials.

Everyone expects flawless integration. The question is no longer how the technology functions, but rather what groundbreaking transformations and solutions can be created from it.

Meeting planners, marketing teams, attendees, and stakeholders today expect much more with technology. This is why Vario has brought Mixed Reality – a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) – into the forefront through our cutting edge apps, custom developed for today’s meetings and events needs. Experience the fourth dimension…. Introducing Vario Reality – where adventure and opportunity meet.

Visually immerse individuals with video applications that amaze.

Never lose attention. Get everyone to remember you.

Keeping your audience engaged has become a difficult task. Attentions dissipate, attendees are always on the move. They seek knowledge and information and wish to receive it as quickly as possible.

It’s all about efficiency while maintaining the human element.  Bridging relationships and ‘wowing’ our visitors is a constant challenge.

Transform what you see, experience, and feel at your next event. Groundbreaking connections are here.  Vario has become one of the most reputable thought leaders and activists in the meetings and event technology environment. We will create the picture-perfect function via the use of cutting-edge technology and engaging interactive experiences.

Better event broadband

Move past slow Internet. Get everyone up to speed.

Demands for high speed internet have hit a fever pitch in today’s fast-paced, bandwidth chugging environment.

Event applications are more robust than ever, consuming user’s cellular data packages and causing unwanted overages on mobile phone bills for both clients and companies.

We invite you to utilize Vario’s bandwidth calculator. Using the drop downs below, please select the number of expected users and their usage demands.

Usage demands

Average – Casual web browsing and email
High – Streaming audio and web-based applications (cloud servers, VPN, etc.)
Extreme – Online learning applications, Live Stream, File transfers

Mobile devices

Most attendees carry a mobile phone, and a laptop or tablet device. They will expect that both devices will login simultaneously to the provided wireless network. This causes additional stress on the network and should be accounted for in your overall calculation.

You have a vision. We are the event management company who will make it memorable.

Stop wondering if every aspect of your event will culminate in an amazing experience. We decipher the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW to ensure your event success.

Let us connect the touch points required to manage your corporate event. Working with all teams and stakeholders and producing amazing event solutions is our business. We can customize any event for you.

It's time to make your event a success!

Everything you want from a corporate event management agency is here.

“Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into our site visits. You made what would have been an incredibly tedious and daunting task of viewing all those properties and collecting proposals so much faster, easier and actually FUN!”

Elizabeth Fox, Executive DirectorForte For Children Foundation

“Thank you for ALL your help with our Light the Night event. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the new venue, the production value, and the event overall.”

Rachel Peniche, Board ChairLeukemia and Lymphoma Society

“In 10 years of working events, this was the most interesting experience. I can’t say I’ve seen everything but I think this comes pretty close. A huge thank you to Vario Productions who rain or shine are bad ass partners, I will never use anyone else for my events, they pull through every time.”

Amy Ulkutekin, Event PlannerBeerfest

“The Vario team not only assists with AV needs but works with me on the planning aspect. I completely trust Vario Productions to handle production with their amazing up to date knowledge, attention to detail and most importantly, integrity.”

Marty Covert, PrincipalConvert Operations

“We chose Vario because of their knowledge in the AV business along with their team’s professionalism, attention to detail and quality of service. They became an extended part of our team and were instrumental in making our Sales Conference a huge success.”

Angel Atondo, Sr. Marketing ManagerCavium, Inc.

Success Stories Are Our Standard

Some of our valued clients: