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Transform what you see, experience, and feel at your next gathering with our interactive events. Groundbreaking connections are here. Vario has become one of the most reputable thought leaders and activists in the meetings and event technology, digital environment. Vario will create the picture-perfect function via the use of cutting-edge technology and engaging interactive experiences.

People Like To Play

It's all smiles and games at your next event!

We incorporate interactive opportunities that will create engaging and memorable events. People do not want to sit still, they want to take part in the action. We’re here to ensure your guests have a lot of fun and leave with a smile on their face. Our corporate event entertainment activities are both engaging and entertaining, perfect for meetings, parties, or any other type of gathering.

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Here's What To Expect:

Events are about relationships and interaction amongst peers. No event is devoid of interactivity. Meeting planners and event organizers often mistake well-planned opportunities for collaboration via forced encounters. We’ll ask the right questions, understand your delegate demographics, and create something unique. Vario’s Interactive Technology for events allow you to engage and connect with your guests while enhancing their overall program.

What You Need To Know:

Vario stays at the forefront when it comes to mutual adventures and audience engagement. Partner with a leading agency that is first to market on many customized interactive experiences, and collaborates with major international brands. Let us revolutionize your events through our interactive event technology offerings:

Interactive, Trivia and Gaming

Let us create a fun and interactive way to get your audience involved in the action through games for corporate events. Enhancements such as Logo Animation, Photo booths, Step and Repeat Banners, Green Screen Photography/Videography, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Gaming Stations, and standard Video Game Systems will allow everyone to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of your event, and leave a lasting impression! Our hosted electronic games are fun, fast-paced versions of popular TV game shows, for you and your guests to play! Questions can be customized, and can include pictures, audio and video, as well as text. We can add questions about your company, its history, employees, or awards and achievements, to tailor the game specifically to your event. By incorporating innovative, interactive content at your live event, you will have your attendees leaving with an experience they’ll always remember.

Photo & Slow Motion Booth

Our sleek, state-of-the-art, open air photo booth is everything you want and need. Customizable templates and a variety of themes and colors will enhance your event experience and boost audience engagement. Vario will provide the backdrop, props, and a friendly, knowledgeable attendant to ensure the line keeps moving and that your guests have fun. All of our booths link to social media and can provide metrics and analytics, allowing marketers to track user engagement. Booths also support digital props, boomerangs, animated gifs, virtual green screen, and so many more cutting edge enhancements.

Our Slow Motion Booth is an activity that is fun for all ages and forever encapsulates the experience at your event. Your guests can take home their video on a USB drive, and/or their videos can be uploaded to your favorite video hosting sites.

Social Media Engagement

Enhance your events and activations by including Social Media Engagement, the ability to connect your event attendees and their colleagues globally through hashtags and your Social Networks of choice. Perfect for branding and event marketing opportunities. It’s also a fun and interactive way to get your guests involved in the action, through images, video, and even participate in surveys and voting. Vario integrates social media engagement into a variety of our current service offerings. Create a special hashtag to keep guests informed of up to the second changes to the event schedule.


In today’s complex meeting environment, event attendees need to be engaged and their time is precious. This is the reality that meeting organizers face. Interactive Services are what can take your meeting to the next level. With our interactive event technology and innovative ideas, the options are endless. Please inquire about how we can elevate your event via our cutting-edge, Interactive Services. Looking for fun, interactive corporate event ideas? Vario can help. Contact us today to create a memorable and unique event for both you and your guests.

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