Allergan MIND Summit

About Allergan

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical leader. They focus on developing, manufacturing, and commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic, surgical, and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.


What They Needed: Innovative Technology to Visually Communicate Critical Medical Content

The Annual MIND Summit, or Meeting of the Minds as they refer to it, is a Summit that brings together top doctors, researchers, and patients alike in pursuit of relief from chronic migraines. The research and insights shared at the conference are an essential part of the development of better therapies for migraine sufferers. When their team was looking for a technology partner to find creative ways to disseminate critical content, all while breaking the traditional norms that attendees are used to, their decision to engage Vario’s services was a simple one.


What We Provided: Large-Scale Hologram Technology, Immersive Breakout Sessions, and A Unified Reception

Side view of Holographic event production display at an indoor speaking area during a Pharmaceutical industry conference.

Perhaps the biggest reason Allergan decided to trust Vario with their conference was due to their need for the latest in event technology and mixed reality, specifically hologram technology. The use of holograms at events is not terribly new, but to successfully execute them takes a specific skill set and hardware that very few companies have. Vario was among the first to market with customized holographic material used specifically for this purpose. For this conference we utilized a custom-made 60′ wide by 18′ tall holographic surface to allow for the physician subject matter expert to demonstrate the neurological pathways in the brain specific to migraines. Below are images of the setup and how it looked during the presentation.

Pharmaceutical conference speaker stand on stage while a large hologram displays to the seated audience.

Speaker stands underneath a semi-transparent hologram of a blue human brain at a pharmaceutical industry conference

The conference consisted of two days of General Session, breakouts, and an evening reception where physicians were able to share their research. Every aspect of the meeting was reinvented from the ground up, as the need for better engagement and utilizing new technologies was of tantamount importance. Allergan sought Vario’s help for interactive conference ideas, and it started with the breakout sessions. There we did away with the typical projector and screen. Instead we opted for custom-printed backdrops for better branding and a seamless design. In addition, every attendee had their own microphone to contribute to the discussion.

Pharmaceutical conference event attendees sit and listen to a breakout session speaker using color-coded headsets.

For the evening reception guests were asked to listen in to four different physician-led educational topics. Instead of fracturing the group by sending attendees to multiple rooms, we deployed color-coded headsets which allowed attendees to hear the presentation with the corresponding colored headset. By linking the headset color to the different presentations, the audience members were able to engage with the presenter in each session without having to be in separate spaces. Throughout the common areas, we utilized digital signage for directions and schedule notifications. This latest technology allowed for remote and scheduled updates of content.


What Makes Us Different: Use of Unconventional Conference Technology for Full Attendee Immersion

We were more than excited for the opportunity to bring unconventional conference activities into our discussions with Allergan. Because they were able to understand the benefits of innovative event technology we were able to produce a conference that put attendee engagement and experience at the forefront. Learn more about Vario’s Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning Services.

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