Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality, AR, and VR for your Event

Meeting planners, marketing teams, attendees, and stakeholders today expect much more with technology. This is why Vario has brought Mixed Reality – a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) – into the forefront through our cutting edge apps, custom developed for today’s meetings and events needs. Experience the fourth dimension…. Introducing Vario Reality – where adventure and opportunity meet.

Interactive and Immersive

Enhancing experiences with virtual and augmented reality.

Guests want to interface with one another at your next event. Lucky for you, our top priority is your audience engagement. We’ll excite your event attendees in a whole new world through our virtual reality experience.

Explore Mixed Reality

Here's What To Expect:

When we think of event entertainment and technology in the industry, projection mapping, live streaming, auto-badge scanning, interactive displays, and other now “traditional” concepts come to mind. From providing unique “wow” factor deliverables, to enhancing the sales process, and upgrading the attendee experience, VR and AR, are the newest vehicles. Deliver rich, enticing, and immersive content to your program attendees every time by planning virtual and augmented reality events.

What You Need To Know:

Vario can help you with traditional concepts as well as brand new ones. We revolutionize your events through various mixed reality offerings:

Virtual Reality Station:

Our virtual reality events allows your team to immerse themselves into a VR environment through the use of Vario’s custom built VR station. The user places the headset on and chooses from a handful of preselected experiences, customized to your event. All content is presented in stunning 4k complete with heart-pounding soundtrack. A skilled Vario VR Technician will be on site to navigate guests through their customized VR experiences.

Augmented Reality Station:

Most visits to San Diego are so short that visitors rarely get to see all of the city’s attractions and landmarks. Allow your guests to be part of an Augmented Reality environment through our custom built AR Station. The user gets to visit 5 stations during their interactive experience that incorporate the best of San Diego. This augmented reality experience can be combined with mixed reality and scaled to anywhere in the world, for any size event.

Example Mixed Reality Experiences Include:

  • The Beaches
  • SeaWorld
  • San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park
  • Balboa Park
  • LegoLand
  • Downtown & Coronado

AR 360:

Vario has created a new technology offering with augmented reality components, supported with 360-degree video of spaces and specific points of interest for a fully immersive experience. This branding and messaging service is especially designed for the meetings industry; corporate, social and association. This new offering allows you to significantly enhance the guest and group experience via ‘wow’ factors associated with AR technology. AR 360 also allows any hotel or program to drive new and existing revenue streams via unique program branding while differentiating their marketing and PR communications.


Mixed Reality offerings are the newest form of technology allowing corporate, association and social programs alike to offer their attendees a unique way to engage with one another, as well as the conference itself. Don’t leave them unsatisfied. Create demand for immersion and engagement that will leave them talking about your company and program for months to come. Vario’s augmented and virtual reality experience offerings allow you to communicate and excite your team, stakeholders, event attendees, and customers in a new, innovative and exciting way. Vario can help you create a fun and unique event with our interactive offerings. For more ideas on virtual reality corporate events, contact Vario today.

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