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Incredible Audio Visual Experiences
Do Audio/Visual what-ifs cause you to have restless nights or plague your thoughts? The pressure of ensuring production success has moved to the forefront of everyone’s agenda. Audio visual design expectations are constantly evolving. It is not just about throwing a myriad of speakers and projectors at your event and calling it a day.
Listening and Looking
Make long-lasting memories with sights and sounds.
As an AV production company, Audio/Visual technology is our business and core competency. Touch your audience with symphonic sound and stunning visuals through our cutting-edge audio/visual equipment and expertise, leaving them wanting more.
Audio/Visual Rental Success

Here’s what to expect.

There are quite a few variables that come into play when Vario’s event production management team is ensuring your program’s success. For starters, as one of the leading audio visual companies based in San Diego, we will help you maximize your understanding and decision-making throughout the entire event planning process. Vario will also travel with you and serve as an extension of your team. We know your executives, your event challenges and nuances, and through managing expectations, we raise the bar. Our promise to our clients is transparency with both our design and installation. We will explain key concepts and how they work collectively for you. For instance, does the hotel have an exclusive clause requiring in-house Audio/Visual to service specific parts of the property? This hinders you as a decision-maker. With Vario involved during the hotel contracting phase, we’ll ensure “hidden restrictions” are out in the open from the onset.
What You Need To Know:

Shall we examine the pros & cons of in-house vs outside audio-visual technology?

We know going with in-house audio visual equipment is like hitting the “easy button”, but it can also be the wrong fit for your program. In-house has experience working with hundreds of programs like yours, and should know their function space better than outside A/V. In addition, having seen all types of productions, there are virtually no shows they have not accommodated. However, there are many variables that will lead you to working with Vario as your outside audio-visual technology provider. You are one of many for them, not a priority client who deserves all of the attention that a top tier outside company can provide.


Today’s events demand much more than just simple projectors and screens, and conference rooms swimming with an endless sea of banquet chairs. Meeting planners are constantly striving to enhance the attendee experience through innovative stage designs, seating arrangements, and even scents piped into the ballroom. To meet these expectations our production team is involved from beginning to end, concept to creation, and ultimately, execution. By assisting with script writing, stage design, spatial planning, and managing key stakeholder expectations, our events have you and your attendees’ best intentions in mind. Audio/Visual is an extension of the pre-planning process and ultimately what guests experience once at the event. By partnering with us, you’ll work with one company who handles all of your AV equipment, service, planning and production needs. Don’t just understand, get the best bang for your Audio/Visual budget! You owe it to yourself and your program. With Vario’s guidance, rest assured you will receive the best in class for all of your needs. Our team, our audio visual equipment, our design and installation services, and our network, are our backbone. Contact us today to learn more about audio visual equipment and how we can support you and your next event.

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