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What Does an Event Production Partner Do?

Event production is one of the most crucial aspects of any event. It is what differentiates a memorable event from a mediocre one. That is why you need a professional event production partner to help you ideate a killer concept and ensure all the technical components of the event work cohesively. So, what exactly does an event production partner do, and why do you need one?

Event Planning Timeline Checklist: An Event Producer’s Bible

Successful events will often take months of development and planning. Even massive annual events—like Coachella—will begin their planning process soon after the second weekend ends. Prior to seeing the light of day, events need ample time, care, and patience in order to captivate an audience and spark something special that will leave guests wanting more. If you’re thinking of planning your own event, follow our event planning timeline to ensure you’re giving enough time to each of the necessary event phases.

How Much Do Keynote Speakers Really Cost?

Having a great keynote speaker can make or break an event. The quality of the speech they deliver shapes audience impressions and may determine how memorable the event is. However, though event speakers add a great deal of value, their services also come at a cost.

Pre and Post Event Survey Questions

Understanding who your attendees are and what is important to them is essential for planning and hosting a great event. Pre and post event surveys are a great way to gather helpful qualitative and quantitative data to guide your event strategy. Pre-event surveys allow you to see who is attending the event, why they are interested in attending, and how you can prepare for their specific needs and accommodations. Post-event surveys gather feedback from your attendees after the event, revealing valuable data to help improve your next event.

A Guide to Music Licensing for Your Next Event

This guide to music licensing for events breaks down all the essential information you need to determine and acquire the right music license you need for your event. And, we’ll even point you in the right direction towards free alternative solutions.

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