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What Does an Event Production Partner Do?

Male event production professional operates audio/visual equipment during a large corporate event.

Event production is one of the most crucial aspects of any event. It is what differentiates a memorable event from a mediocre one. That is why you need a professional event production partner to help you ideate a killer concept and ensure all the technical components of the event work cohesively. So, what exactly does an event production partner do, and why do you need one?

What Is Event Marketing?

You need a solid marketing strategy to promote your event. So, what is event marketing and why is it crucial to your event's success?

Planning an event is the easy part. Getting people to attend it is the hard part. That is where event marketing comes in. You need a solid marketing strategy to quickly get the word out about your event. So, what is event marketing and why is it crucial to the success of your event?   […]

What Is An Event Registration Fee?

Picture of someone scanning a QR code on their phone at a registration desk, before entering an event.

Planning and hosting an event is a financially-intensive process. To offset this financial burden, most event planners charge a small fee in the form of event tickets. This guide will look at what an event fee is, why you should consider charging it in your events, and how to price your tickets appropriately.   What […]

Event Planning Timeline Checklist: An Event Producer’s Bible

event planning timeline

Successful events will often take months of development and planning. Even massive annual events—like Coachella—will begin their planning process soon after the second weekend ends. Prior to seeing the light of day, events need ample time, care, and patience in order to captivate an audience and spark something special that will leave guests wanting more. If you’re thinking of planning your own event, follow our event planning timeline to ensure you’re giving enough time to each of the necessary event phases.

How to Host a Tradeshow Event or Vendor Event

Happy person smiles with hands on hips at a business tradeshow event or vendor event.

Tradeshow events bring together different industry experts, which might include salespeople, suppliers, manufacturers, and inventors. This guide will look at how to host a successful tradeshow or vendor event and how you can benefit from it. How to Host a Tradeshow or Vendor Event Your event partners are central to the success of any event, […]

Why Virtual Events May Not Always Work

Laptop sitting on a table with the screen showing multiple participants in an online meeting.

The pandemic brought with it a tremendous increase in virtual events. However, the hype seems short-lived, and even with the pandemic decreasing in severity, many people have lost interest. Admittedly, some of these events still attract a good audience. However, in general, there are many reasons why virtual events may not always work. Why Virtual […]

How to Get The Best Vendors for an Event

Business woman calling a vendor in her office while looking at their website on her laptop. She is asking how to get vendors for an event.

Vendors are the most critical players in any event. That is why choosing the right vendor is key to creating a memorable experience for you and your attendees. It is, therefore, vital that you understand how to get vendors who have relevant experience and genuinely care for your needs. How to Get Vendors For an […]

Can Virtual Events Replace An In-Person Experience?

Empty red chairs in a speaking hall at a corporate event.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have been increasing in popularity. Now, it’s common to hear heated debates about whether virtual sessions can replace in-person experiences. Well, we did plenty of research and came across some pretty interesting findings. Can Virtual Events Replace An In-Person Experience? It is unlikely that virtual events […]

What Is Event Management?

Event manager's open notebook and coffee in front of their laptop on their desk.

Planning and executing a successful event can be a tedious process. From finding a great venue to ensuring flawless logistics, the work can be overwhelming. So, to ensure every aspect of an event culminates into a memorable experience for everyone, we often use event managers. In this guide, we look at what exactly event management […]

What Is Event Production?

What is event production?

Things are changing rapidly worldwide. The traditional model of hiring an event company to take care of everything from start to finish is no longer the only option. Event production is a much more collaborative process, with event professionals working together for a memorable experience. So, what is event production? What Is Event Production? Event […]

How to Increase Event Attendance

Event production camera is aimed at empty corporate event stage, with empty seats in front.

You are back on track, organizing large in-person corporate events post-covid. You have found an amazing venue, the catering team is all set up, and you even posted a few pictures on social media. However, on the event day, more than half of the seats are empty. Ouch! We want to help you avoid this […]

The Difference Between Event Management and Event Production

Venue setup

What’s the difference between event management and event production? This is a question often asked by event planners looking to add production services to their business. The Difference Between Event Management and Event Production The difference between event management and production comes from the scope of work and focus. Event management is the strategic planning, […]