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What Is a Production Schedule for an Event?

Woman checking the production schedule

There is a lot that goes into organizing a successful event. Without proper planning and execution, the event is likely to flop and make a lot of people disappointed. To offer a memorable experience for your audience and crew, you need a solid production schedule. So, what is a production schedule for an event? What […]

What Is Live Event Production?

Person in charge of a live event production

Event production has become essential for many businesses and organizations in recent years. It has been used to promote products, services, and causes, increase brand awareness, and raise money for charities. So, what is a live event production, and how can it benefit your organization? What Is Live Event Production? Live event production is creating […]

Motion Design & Graphic Design – Revamp Your Event

motion design

Event Planning Elements: Graphic & Motion Design Whether you’re planning a corporate function, fundraiser, or industry conference, the goal is the same: captivate the crowd and communicate your organization’s vision. To do that, you’ll need the time and resources to design eye-catching details and craft a memorable event. One of the many tools in your […]

Event Branding 101: Your Event’s Unique Story with a Cohesive Experience

event branding

Imagine you are starting to plan the perfect event. You’ve thought about how it fits into your overall event strategy and you are sure that the event will support your organization’s goals. This is a great start. Now, have you thought about how your event will stand out from the crowd? How will you create […]

How to Build the Best Event Agenda

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How to Build Your Event Agenda Before the curtain rises on your much-anticipated event, you’ll likely be a bundle of nerves hoping that everything goes smoothly. What can help this feeling is knowing that you’ve put the work in to plan the most effective agenda to meet your goals. Whether you’re a rookie event planner […]

15 Ways to Measure Event Marketing Success through KPIs

measure event marketing success

Introduction to KPIs If you’ve turned event planning from a hobby or part-time responsibility into a full-time job, you’ll quickly realize that along with bigger budgets comes the responsibility and expectations of meeting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Key performance indicators are used to assess your event’s success but there can be a bit of a […]

Event Production Roles For Planning an Event

Event Production Roles

Event Management Roles & How To Be an Efficient Team Whether you’re planning a virtual event or a local conference, managing an event can be overwhelming. Between communicating with event staff, double-checking the guest list, and preparing to troubleshoot problems—the workload can be too much for one person. But event planners don’t have to go […]

The Best Ways to Find Your Target Audience for Events

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You’ve booked expert panelists, secured beloved local vendors, and hired the best-in-class production support to create an innovative virtual option. Now that you’ve figured out what your event will be, it can be tempting to think that the prep work is over. But whether you’re planning a release of a new product, an annual industry-wide […]