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What Does an Event Production Partner Do?

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Male event production professional operates audio/visual equipment during a large corporate event.

Event production is one of the most crucial aspects of any event. It is what differentiates a memorable event from a mediocre one. That is why you need a professional event production partner to help you ideate a killer concept and ensure all the technical components of the event work cohesively. So, what exactly does an event production partner do, and why do you need one?

What Does an Event Production Partner Do?

An event production partner consists of a dedicated team of professionals in charge of the production process at an event. They are responsible for ensuring the audio/visual aspect of the event is accomplished smoothly and professionally.

These professionals usually work with clients such as government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to provide guidance for all of the audio/visual, stage design, technology, and production needs.

Primary Roles within Event Production

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are the first person an event planner will contact. They will discuss potential event concepts with the event planner, fully understand the planner’s needs, and communicate those details to the rest of the team. Their focus will be on building a relationship with the event planner that leads to a truly strategic partnership that benefits all.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the event planning team’s point of contact. They manage every aspect of the production and the production team. Their primary responsibilities are ensuring deadlines are met, keeping your project on track, and adhering to the budget.

Technical Director

A Technical Director is the person who will select the appropriate equipment for your custom solutions, and resolve any technical issues during the event itself. Rather than focusing on the overall event plan and operations, they manage the technical aspects of the production before, during, and after the event.

Event Production Crew

The Event Production Crew makes up almost the rest of the team! They are experts in specific fields, such as lighting or audio/visual, and manage that specific function. The amount and type of people needed will depend on the scale and technology of your event.

Importance of Having an Audio/Visual Team

Producing an event requires a lot of different types of people to be successful. These include videographers, graphic designers, and sound engineers among others. Getting these people to work together might not be an easy fit.

A Project Manager’s job is to ensure that they know exactly what they are supposed to do and have the proper training to do it. They will also ensure that these teams have enough resources and capacity to perform their duties.

Helping Companies Stay Within Budget

Creating a budget is usually the work of the overall event manager or planner. However, since production experts better understand what is needed in the audio/visual sector, they are often included in the budget creation process.

This budget usually includes hiring or buying new audiovisual equipment and how much will go into paying the AV crew. They’ll also factor in the cost of transporting equipment, setting it up, and post-production expenses.

Working With Vendors

Depending on the size and complexity of the event, you may need to source production equipment from multiple vendors. Having a good production partner will come in handy when choosing and working with the right vendors.

This is important because working with many vendors can be hectic if you don’t know what you are looking for. Since your assigned production project manager would know what your needs are for your event, they will be able to source vendors properly and will know what is needed, and how to improvise. Since they have probably worked with many vendors in the past, they’ll know how to find the best value for your budget.

Show Schedule and Speaker Preparation

Speeches and performances play a big part in events. It is, therefore, important that they are well-planned, orderly, and memorable. A production partner should ensure that speakers and performers know how to conduct rehearsals, prepare the speakers with the right audio/visual equipment, and will provide the best recommendations for when to arrive at the venue and when you expect them to be on stage.

Without proper planning and scheduling, it is easy to drop the ball and end up providing a disjointed event experience. One of the most critical skills a project manager should have is organization.

If you are looking for a professional event production partner to help with the production process at your event, you can always reach out to Vario Productions and enjoy the best event experience.

10 ways a production partner can assist meeting planners

Types of Event Production Services

Program Management

Our event program management services provide strategic oversight and constant communication to ensure accurate, timely delivery of your event components. We will manage all aspects of the event program for a seamless experience for your audience and clients.

On-Site Production

All of the pre-production planning and work you have done would go unnoticed without expert on-site production. This service focuses on event execution, where on-site production managers oversee and keep the event running smoothly which will allow you to actually attend your own event.


Audio/visual encompasses a variety of technical equipment that work together to create the event’s look and feel. Our technicians can stage multi-screen visuals using state-of-the-art hardware and innovative concepts that enhance your theme and brand.

Lighting Design

There are a variety of applications for event lighting depending on the situation or goal. Vario creates custom, dynamic lighting solutions that elevate the experience and enhance the value of presentations.

Stage Design

Every event has a life of its own, and the stage is one of the main ways to communicate that. Our team of scenic staging and creative set design experts transports, installs, manages, and packs up all the equipment to make your vision possible.

Event Technology

Interactive and innovative event technology is the key to attendee engagement. Live polling, AI-based networking, reverse trade show, and interactive breakouts are some examples of event technology we provide. These technologies can be adapted and customized based on your event format!

Related Questions

What is the benefit of partnering with an event production team?

The ever-changing event landscape means partnering with a professional event production company will allow you to leverage innovative concepts and technology. This will keep your events looking and feeling modern, and enhance the value attendees receive from attending.

What is the difference between an event production partner and an in-house audio/visual?

In-house audio/visual teams will typically use the same equipment, concepts, and designs across many events. While this may be efficient, it will lack the impressiveness of custom, professional production. Event production partners work with you to create a customized, engaging event design that will make an impact on your attendees and set your event apart from the rest.


A production partner is crucial to the success of any event. They ensure the client and attendees have a memorable event experience. To competently perform their duties, they must have solid communication, organization, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

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