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Teneo Hybrid Meeting

Teneo Hybrid Meeting


About Teneo

Teneo Hospitality Group is a team of highly experienced sales professionals that have long-standing relationships with their clients, who are premier meeting planning professionals in the meetings industry. Clients rely on Teneo for their knowledge and expertise and find the perfect fit within Teneo’s member portfolio. With over 300 member hotels and DMCs worldwide, members rely on Teneo to be an extension of their sales team.


Panoramic view of Teneo corporate internal meeting, which shows several attendees sitting at round tables in front of a stage with projector screens on either side.



What They Needed: A Way To Engage Their Audience In-Person And Virtually

Teneo came to Vario with the goal to gather their top industry partners and highlight how to host a safe hybrid meeting. The day consisted of industry status updates and educational content, f&b offerings, and a small vendor trade show.



What We Provided: A Hybrid Solution That Offered The Best Of Both Worlds

Diagram showing that hybrid events are the combination of in-person and virtual event formats.

The Vario crew provided on-site equipment to support the in-person component as well as the Vario-built virtual meeting platform. We had just over a month of pre-production lead time to build a fully customized platform and plan the logistics of on-site production, including video, audio, lighting, staging, and scenic.

The Vario virtual platform allowed Teneo to customize their event page, allowing their virtual attendees to connect further with their brand. It also gave the virtual attendees the ability to engage with the speakers and partners, and watch videos on demand.


Screenshot showing a branded landing page for a Teneo corporate event, displaying the event title, date, and location.


Teneo and their partners walked away feeling optimistic about where events are heading post-Covid. They have seen what Vario can do for them, not only in person but also virtually, and they are excited to work with us on future events.

The success of this event has led to the development of an exclusive partnership between Vario and Teneo granting us the opportunity to serve them and their clients by producing more amazing hybrid events. The future looks bright for Vario and Teneo and we are honored and excited to serve them and their clients as preferred partners.



What Makes Us Different: Combining Fundamental Best Practices With Cutting-Edge Technology

Our foundation stems from knowing how to produce exceptional in-person events. We have combined our expertise in event production and have brought this experience to a virtual environment. We designed a platform that incorporates fundamental event planning, production, and the latest technologies so your audience can be mesmerized any way they engage. In-person, virtual, and now hybrid solutions are the ways we take your event to the next level.

Here’s what Teneo had to say:

“Vario helped us transform our historically in-person networking event into a professional hybrid event, allowing us to extend our reach beyond our regional attendees. Their team easily worked within our condensed planning period and were very prompt in their responses. Onsite, they helped keep things on time, provided creative solutions to any issue that arose, managed our VIP speakers, and made the whole process seamless for our team. Highest recommendations to Vario for both their virtual and hybrid event management!”

— Ashley Crunstedt, CMP — Teneo Hospitality Group

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