San Diego Tourism Authority Sales & Marketing Workshop

The San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) is a private, non-profit, mutual benefit corporation composed of approximately 1,000 member organizations, businesses, local governments, and individuals seeking a better community through the visitor industry. San Diego Tourism Authority members include tourism-related entities in such categories as lodging, dining, arts, attractions, shopping, and transportation, among others, as well as other companies indirectly involved in tourism.

A well planned and executed refresh of previous years SDTA Sales and Marketing Workshops truly created a positive experience for all buyers and suppliers who attended.

As a sales and marketing organization, the main objective of the SDTA is to promote and market the San Diego region as a preferred vacation and meeting destination. The San Diego Tourism Authority also represents and supports the interests of the visitor industry as a whole. The majority of funding received by the San Diego Tourism Authority is derived from San Diego Tourism Marketing District Assessment Funds. Lodging business in the District raise these funds through self-assessments for the purpose of promoting tourism in the San Diego region. The San Diego Tourism Authority also receives financial support from member dues and promotional assistance from the membership through donated in-kind services.

The Sales and Marketing Expo is the place for Members to hear from industry experts, learn about key priorities, and receive valuable information about the industry as a whole. This year’s event took place at The Manchester Grand Hyatt and had over 600 attendees.

How Vario Added Value – Working with the SDTA’s events team, Vario was called on to utilize our AV knowledge and creative stage design to encompass the culture of SDTA and its attendees. Utilizing a seamless widescreen and four blended laser projectors, we were able to maximize the viewing experience by enhancing the content and creating a visually stunning environment.  Intelligent lighting allowed us to add texture and create an underwater environment, while uplighting created warm accents of color throughout the perimeter of the room.

Vario was also asked to transform the after-party ballroom into a welcoming environment for networking. This was accomplished through slow scrolling texture along the walls and ceiling uplighting of foliage and the walls surrounding the room.  For an interactive experience during networking, Vario provided a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) booth for attendees to immerse themselves in customized environments.

Double quotes image for testimonial Vario is the dream partner from start to finish. We worked tirelessly with their production team to ensure that the city of San Diego was well represented. With our target audience living and breathing the events industry it was important that we really showcased all that the SDTA and its partners have to offer, and Vario knocked it out of the park! We can't wait to work with them on our next event.
Headshot of Pascale Senejoux, CMP and Director of Event Management
Pascale Senejoux, CMP and Director of Event Management
San Diego Tourism Authority

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