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Rady Children’s Instrumental Evening

Rady Children’s Instrumental Evening

Unique Production Strategy Leverages Venue-Specific Opportunities To Maximize Impact



About Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation

Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation is the fundraising division for Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, working with community and corporate donors who are committed to improving childhood health through philanthropic investment.



What They Needed: Outdoor Event Production And Design Focused On Highlighting The Performers

The 2018 Rady Children’s Instrumental Evening took place at one of San Diego’s best urban venues, Horton Plaza Park. Located in the heart of San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp District, this open-air park was the setting for more than 500 special guests. Being a park that is open to the public, our team worked hand in hand with the Foundation and city to ensure that our two-day production made a minimal impact on city residents who enjoy the park daily.

Their production needs focused on creating an engaging, exciting performance for multiple acts. Along with technology, they sought event design recommendations to improve the attendee experience.




What We Provided: Creative, Unique Solutions Leverage Venue-Specific Elements

Our event lighting designers worked with the Foundation team to create a design that properly emphasized the unique combination of lounge spaces with a variety of seating and location arrangements.

The entertainment for the evening, custom-built musical instruments, required our team to find creative solutions for installation, rigging, lights, and sound. Because Horton Plaza Park is built over a parking garage, our engineers made careful use of concrete ballasts and rigging techniques to evenly distribute the load.



With the entertainment being a central focus of the program, it was important that the visual elements be designed around the audience.



With the entertainment being a central focus of the program, it was important that the visual elements be designed around the audience. Our video engineers decided on a 3.9mm outdoor-rated LED tile wall, as projection would have proved challenging based on the sunset times and timing of the program.



What Makes Us Different: Event Production And Design Brings Radys Children’s Vision To Life

Vario was honored to provide A/V and production for its new stewardship event honoring volunteer leaders and donors who’ve reached milestones and who contribute to such an amazing organization. 

Overall, proper audio/visual event management was key to the success of the event.

Here’s what the Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation had to say:

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result–a memorable evening for some of our closest friends and donors. Thank you, Vario, for helping bring our vision to life.”

Liz Zajd, Special Events Officer — Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation


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