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Connect IT is where thousands of leading IT professionals, business owners, industry leaders, and the unified Kaseya team gather to discuss the ever-evolving march of information technology and its impact on modern business. This premiere IT event brings together the best the industry has to offer in a single, condensed program of learning and collaboration. The program includes a large general session, multiple pre-conference and in-conference breakout sessions, a Partner Pavilion where attendees network with exhibitors and vendors in the IT space, and numerous enhanced learning environments.

Vario was tasked with creating a seamless experience for organizers, attendees, and stakeholders alike, through the strategic use of audio/visual, production, and technology.

We first partnered with Kaseya in 2016 when their program brought them to the Omni La Costa in San Diego. Since then their event has grown in capacity and complexity, and this most recent event was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. With close to 2000 attendees and five days of meetings and events, the audio/visual and production needs were quite extensive. Working hand in hand with Kaseya’s in-house meeting planner to build an event planning budget was an essential first step, as well as our detailed approach to audio visual event management.

How Vario Added Value

When we partner with companies in the IT space we must first determine how and when it is appropriate to incorporate technology into the program. We worked tirelessly with the event organizers to ensure the layout of the space, from classroom style seating in the general session, to proper flow in the exhibitor spaces were all connected.

While the event app provided a singular repository for all information related to the conference, digital signage and customized countdown clocks conspicuously placed throughout the common spaces helped with continuity, in-event messaging, and branding.

In addition, with content served during the general session being of utmost importance, we redesigned the layout of the ballroom and incorporated delay screens so that guests at the back of the space had an equally positive experience as those at the front of the room.

And although technology was a major contributing factor to the success of the event, it was equally important to provide attendees with proper networking opportunities, facilitated meetings, and break opportunities where they could engage with customers and colleagues alike. The exhibition space was carefully designed to allow for one on one engagement, all the while maintaining continuity of message.

We were honored to be selected as Kaseya’s partner once again for their largest user conference of the year, and look forward to many future events together.

Double quotes image for testimonial This was my second time partnering with Vario, once for our Miami program and now for our Las Vegas program, and they really knocked it out of the park! They helped me navigate the in-house A/V exclusives and really maximized the budget, all while delivering the best product our conference has ever seen. Hands down the best production company I've ever worked with!
Headshot of Ellen Boyer, Manager of Event Planning
Ellen Boyer, Manager of Event Planning

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