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Intuit Transform

Intuit Transform


Intuit needed a production partner who could handle a massive in-person event with several large, unique, complex technical needs.


About Intuit

Intuit, Inc. is the premier business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. In today’s app-driven, instant access society, Intuit is leading the way in Transforming the way their employees interact with their customers by bringing financial tools and human support direct to your device. Their Transform meeting was designed around spreading that messaging to internal staff, and paving the way for a new approach to relationships they share with their customers.



What They Needed: A Partner Capable Of Executing High-Tech Experiences For A Massive Audience

Intuit needed a production partner who could handle a massive in-person event with several large, unique, complex technical needs. Their partner needed to be able to manage and execute all of the technical elements flawlessly, as most were operating simultaneously. 

Additionally, because they lacked the production and technical expertise internally, they sought a true partner. One they could rely on to provide unique, creative solutions to their needs while staying true to their primary goal of immersing their attendees in impactful experiences.



What We Provided: Tech-Driven, Transformative Experiences That Enabled Learning And Connecting


Aerial view of a corporate event in the financial industry, showing two large led screens near the stage and several rows of seating.


Transform Screens

Vario was brought in during the initial concept and design phase to curate a meeting that would impact their employees in a transformative way through the use of A/V and Technology. This was accomplished through the use of tech-forward production tools, LED and projection mapping, and a bottom-up approach to their breakouts and group learning sessions.


Each breakout had its own theme, complete with wall-to-wall draping, projection mapping, atmospheric lighting, and decor elements.


Immersive breakout session area at a financial industry corporate event, showing many attendees interacting with exhibits and networking.


Transform Breakout

Our relationship with Intuit is one in which we work closely with their internal teams to curate experiences that are impactful and thoughtful. With close to 1000 attendees for this internal meeting, the audio/visual and production needs were quite extensive. Each breakout had its own theme, complete with wall-to-wall draping, projection mapping, atmospheric lighting, and decor elements. The general session was designed to be an immersive environment where employees and coworkers felt like they were an integral part of the solution. We worked tirelessly with Intuit’s meeting planner to build an event planning budget and to advise on the best venue to support the unique needs of this event.


Male financial industry event attendee used interactive exhibit to learn about financial services.


Transform Post It

Working with companies in the IT space it’s important that we utilize event technology in a tasteful yet engaging way. When the experience designers first approached us with a myriad of ideas ranging from a complete room projection mapping, to Kinesys (automated) rigging, we had to prioritize their requests based upon the desired outcome. Some required high-tech solutions using state-of-the-art equipment, while others were best suited for a low-tech approach.

By identifying the messaging and determining takeaways, we were able to create vignettes of learning, and spaces where attendees could really connect with their peers.



What Makes Us Different: A True Partnership Solves Unique, Complex Technical Needs

We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize our creative talents to design an overall show experience that leaves attendees speechless, and thankfully, Intuit is a partner where we can deliver just that.


Financial industry event attendees smile and laugh as they watch a breakout session exhibit.


Here’s what Intuit had to say:

“I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Vario on several large, unique, complex technical needs that would simultaneously need to flow flawlessly at the same time, tight timelines, and critical organization events that were executed beautifully with zero error due to Vario’s commitment, knowledge, precision, and partnership. To be quite honest, I’ve worked with several high-efficiency technology companies in my career and Vario’s team of professionals makes them irrelevant and no longer current.

Vario is more than a vendor we source, they are both our partner and extended family. Vario huddles onsite with us to discuss flow, options, and they infuse every event with spirit and thoughtfulness that ultimately assist in the overall pulse of our organization. I view hiring Vario as one of my personal successes because they not only meet my expectations, but far exceed them to ensure my executive, our employees, and our company is consistently setup for success. Vario goes above and beyond for the client while ensuring the client stays within their budget. Not only will they remain in financial line, but they will also do everything they can to bring you under the allotted / agreed amount.

It’s a true ‘win / win’… they are the key ingredient to a magical event, while also being budget conscious. During your time of curating your event one of the biggest decisions you can make is whom will be the company that you trust to pull it off… Look no further past Vario! They are the game changer.”

— Kelly O’Connor, Senior Executive Assistant to Greg Johnson, EVP and GM of TurboTax

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