HPN Partnership Case Study

About HPN

Where does one of the largest global site selection companies go when they need a production partner they can trust with their clients? The answer is clear: Vario Productions.

Through its unique business model and unparalleled service, HPN Global is a leader in the industry for site selection. Their pre-negotiated global hotel contracts are specifically designed to mitigate planners’ risk. Their company is specifically built to drive value in the meeting procurement process.

What they needed: Expert In-Person Event Production and Hybrid Solutions

We partnered with Edgardo Barrantes, VP Global Accounts, HPN Global to produce an annual national meeting for one of their clients that exceeded expectations. Edgardo wanted to recommend an AV production company they could trust to take care of their client. His client wanted to take their standard, corporate event up a notch without drastically increasing their budget and they also needed a hybrid solution to tie in those that could not attend in person.

Their client used a different production company previously, but Edgardo approached us for this year’s event because he knew their client needed a professional company, capable of executing a hybrid event with excellence and were agile enough to handle changes and additions on the fly that can occur when planning a big event with many moving parts.

What we provided: An upgraded experience for in-person and virtual attendees 

For this client, their annual event is a 3 day meeting that needs to have hybrid components. For the in-person meeting, we used budget friendly scenic and lighting improvements to upgrade the stage and screens. This  transformed the standard corporate set up to one that was more engaging for their audience of over 200 attendees. 

For the virtual event, the client knew that it was going to be a small group (less than 30 people) but it was still important to include those attendees for this meeting. To keep the process as simple and cost-effective as possible, Vario facilitated their virtual attendees to view the content through a Zoom meeting.

To further facilitate engagement for this hybrid event, we used cameras for both IMAG (Image Magnification) and live-streaming to Zoom. IMAG is used when you have someone on stage and you project an image of that person on one or more of the screens next to them. The purpose is to magnify the person’s image so that all in the audience can easily see them. We were able to capture both single speakers and multi-speaker panels in this way. For this hybrid event, the cameras had the dual purpose of capturing the speakers to stream them to Zoom in real time.

One of the important parts of the event was an award show. But how do you highlight and honor award winners that cannot attend in person? We solved this problem by making it possible for the virtual attendees to show up on the screens in the ballroom via IMAG. Winners were able to accept their awards, say thank you and interact with the audience as their participation was happening in real time.

What makes us different: A trusted partnership is rewarded with a stellar event experience

Edgardo knew he could rely on us to produce a stellar event for his clients because of the way we approach events. Human capital is strong with Vario. Our clients appreciate great communication and support in the form of frequent pre-planning meetings to manage every event. For the entire process, sales through pre-production through the big event, the clients had a dedicated team which resulted in a seamless, great experience. 

In the end, as a result of the partnership between Vario and HPN, our clients said:

“Zero complaints, great communication, the best we’ve had…Knocked it out of the park. Attendees had nothing but great things to say. I will recommend you to everyone, this is the best experience we’ve had from any production company.”

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