Intuit All-Hands Meeting Case Study

Large white block letters spelling BRAND NEW DAY placed outside the entrance to an Intuit All Hands Meeting in San Diego, California.

About Intuit

Intuit, Inc. is the premier business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. In today’s app-driven, instant access society, Intuit is leading the way in transforming the way their employees interact with their customers by bringing financial tools and human support directly to your device.


What They Needed: A Combination Of Large-Scale In-Person Production & Virtual Attendee Accommodation

Intuit contacted us after our previous engagements and told us they wanted to deliver something out-of-the-ordinary. They needed a partner capable of trailblazing the design and production of a massive internal hybrid event at their San Diego campus. This event needed to accommodate 800 in-person attendees, and support streaming to several remote locations.

Their partner needed the creativity and domain expertise to develop an event and staging design that would fully immerse their attendees while adhering to limitations posed by the venue.


What We Provided: Creative Event Design With Impressive Audio/Visual

Vario understood the challenge, and delivered. Our primary focus was to create an engaging main stage and tent that would figuratively and literally elevate each speaker. First, we liaised with the tent company to select a structure that would effectively house all the attendees, speakers, and equipment. We also built an LED wall behind the stage that effectively displayed a variety of speaker graphics that added an immense amount of value to each presentation. To increase branding, Vario advised Intuit to place graphics on the sides of the tent.


Empty while folding chairs fill the presentation tent at Intuit's Brand New Day All Hand's Meeting in San Diego, California.


Our design work wasn’t just limited to under the tent. We helped Intuit create the structure and aesthetic of an entrance arch that acted as a portal, transporting attendees from their everyday life to a world of learning and team building. This was a last-minute addition that let our team display their exceptional agility and creativity.


A colorful entrance arch with Intuit branded signage that is an entrance to Intuit's Brand New Day All Hands Meeting in San Diego, California.


Additionally, Vario masterfully executed Audio/Visual for both the in-person audience and stream to several remote locations through Intuit TV, their internal broadcast network. The on-site DJs also leveraged our audio equipment to provide sound reinforcement throughout the large event footprint.


What Makes Us Different: Proactive, Strategic Recommendations, Enhanced Attendee Immersion

Vario’s team displayed incredible flexibility and care for the client throughout the engagement. We selected an alternative location for the presentation tent that helped Intuit save money by avoiding making expensive changes to the venue itself. Additionally, we helped them bring their vision to life. They sent us an inspiration photo for their entrance arch and we suggested ways to make it a reality.

This partnership with Intuit is yet another example of how our event production services leverage creativity and technology to fully immerse guests. We look forward to partnering with Intuit for future events and delivering ongoing memorable event experiences.


Employees cheer and clap as they enter Intuit's Brand New Day All Hands Meeting in San Diego, California.

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