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Looking Ahead: Practicing Social Distancing at Events

Practicing Social Distancing at Events

As the world navigates the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, creative solutions have been key to keeping businesses, corporations, and public institutions afloat, especially in the event planning space, which has resulted in a chunk of the industry professionals looking to find a job during COVID-19. Between state-enforced lockdowns and social distancing, large events that rely on […]

Virtual Event Checklist: The Steps You Can’t Miss When Planning a Virtual Event

Steps You Cant Miss When Planning a Virtual Event

The world looks a little different today than it did a couple months ago. The future seems uncertain, the global economy has shuttered, and society is coping with new norms like social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. The event industry is no exception, with event safety being a primary concern. Major concerts and tours have been […]

5 Ways to Conference In From Your Home

Conference from home

With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely working from home. As you set up a functioning home office and create a structure to get your work done, you’re probably wondering—what’s the best way to connect? As we all begin to work in separate spaces, it’s important to make time for face-to-face interactions. From regular conversations […]

Event Cancellation Insurance During an Epidemic

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When you’re planning an event, the last thing you want to imagine is a natural or national disaster intervening on its scheduled date. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, event productions like festivals to parades to the Olympics have been postponed, cancelled, or left with uncertain futures. If your organization held events cancelled due to […]

Events Canceled Due to COVID-19: Rebound Strategies

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Since the beginning of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak in March, major events around the country have announced the cancellation of events for everyone’s safety. Of course, it’s not just national and city-wide events, like St. Patrick’s Day, that have been put to rest until further notice. Many industry conferences, local concerts, and business gatherings scheduled […]

How to Hold Productive Virtual Meetings During an Epidemic

Virtual meeting

If your business has been designated “nonessential” amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely working from home. Whether you used to set up in an office or jet around the world, meetings were and still are a part of your workday. How are you managing them as you move to online event technology? When working […]

How Pharmaceutical Conferences Utilize Event Technology

How Pharmaceutical Conferences Utilize Event Technology

Despite the popularity and enormous scale of pharmaceutical and biotechnology conferences in the industry, these events often fail to capture audience attention, leaving attendees without any sort of message or call to action. That’s why events need the latest attention-grabbing pharmaceutical technology. Read on to find out why you should utilize event technology at your […]

What to Expect at a Pharmaceutical Trade Show

What to Expect at a Pharmaceutical Trade Show

In 2020, attending trade shows has become increasingly beneficial for any business or pharmaceutical professional. With trade shows constantly getting larger and more robust, it may seem a bit intimidating to attend one. With some preparation, however, you can master the art of the trade show and make the best out of what the pharmaceutical […]

What Effect will 5G Have on Events?

What Effect will 5G Have on Events

With the influx of new technology, the events industry is entering an unparalleled frontier of creative possibility. This holds double with the rise of 5G. The powerful signal strength is providing a foundation for the most immersive experiences the event industry has ever seen, kissing WiFi signal interference goodbye. Event technology has always been a […]

How Facial Recognition is Changing the Event Industry

Event attendees testing the facial recognition features of an app on a wide monitor panel

From unlocking your iPhone to breezing through customs at the airport, facial recognition technology is popping up in a variety of industries. It’s transforming how people verify their identity. Within the events industry, facial recognition enhances efficiency and streamlines security. It also offers event organizers insightful feedback on their attendees’ experience. To learn how it […]

Understanding How Phone Signals Interrupt Wifi at Events

How Phone Signals Interrupt WiFi at Events2

In the past, a reliable internet connection was limited to your home office. In 2020, you can get online from just about anywhere. In turn, internet connection has become integral to the way our society functions. People simply expect WiFi everywhere they go. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself at an event without WiFi. […]

What are the Benefits of Live Streaming Events

Video camera set up to record a live event from the back of a room

What are the Benefits of Live Streaming Events In the wake of the current global health environment, businesses and individuals have been severely impacted. With trade slowing, cities experiencing lockdown, and everybody on high alert, industries that rely on drawing massive crowds are struggling. Business conferences, concerts, lectures, and more are being cancelled or rescheduled […]