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SKO [Sales Kickoffs/National Sales Meetings] in 2021 – The Virtual Edition

Virtual Sales Kickoff Meetings in 2021

National sales kickoff events are vital to the growth and prosperity of companies. It’s an opportunity to implement new protocols and strategies, update everyone on last year’s successes and shortcomings, and prepare your employees to meet upcoming goals and targets. It’s also the time to motivate and invigorate your teams. Training and incentives won’t improve […]

Future of Event Planning: Your 2021 Guide


With everything going on, planning for the future can feel incredibly overwhelming—if not impossible. You may have some wonderful ideas for future events, conferences, and meetings, but will you be allowed to host them? How will things look in six to eight months when the event is supposed to take place? Will your attendees be able to travel for it? When it comes to the event industry, there are many unknowns. However, there is one thing known: hybrid and virtual events are the future.

Hybrid Events: Venue Questions You Need to Be Asking

Hybrid Events Venue Questions You Need to Be Asking

It goes without saying that the events world did not escape the sweeping tides of 2020. While large-scale live events have experienced unprecedented challenges, AV industry problem-solvers have adapted to the situation. The biggest of these adaptations? Hybrid events.  While hybrid events aren’t new, per se, their importance now is unparalleled.  These types of large-scale […]

Behind the Scenes: Virtual Events

Behind the scenes virtual event

On August 27th, 2020, Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell delivered a powerful keynote speech on the current state of the Federal Reserve. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this typically live event had to be conducted entirely virtually. Thanks to our virtual event production company, this new form wasn’t a handicap—it was an opportunity. Over […]

9 Useful Tips for Hosting Webinars

9 Useful Tips for Hosting Webinars

As the climate has shifted from in-person gatherings to digital conferencing, video chat has become the ubiquitous solution for nearly every aspect of corporate communication. For a small internal meeting, Zoom calls and Google Hangouts offer an easy, no-frills solution to the problems faced during this time. But what about when you’re hosting webinars? No […]

When is the Right Time to Move From Zoom to an Actual Event Platform?

When is the Right Time to Move From Zoom to an Actual Event Platform 2

With the rise of COVID-19, companies have been forced out of their in-person conference plans. Without a physical space to host these business events, webinars and virtual event production services have become the dominant form of conferencing—Zoom being a large player in this industry. Yet, Zoom is a video communications platform, not an actual event […]

Increasing Client Retention & Engagement Through Virtual Events

Increasing Client Retention Engagement Through Virtual Events

Client retention is key to your business’ long-term success. In fact, research by Bain & Company shows that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 95%! Client-facing events provide opportunities…each other. It’s important to not cancel these crucial occasions in COVID-19 times; instead, organize online events. What’s more, a virtual […]

Your Internal Company Meeting: Virtual vs. In-Person

Virtual company meeting

Are you interested in increasing workplace productivity? Recent studies show that executives spend up to 23 hours per week in meetings. When these meetings don’t feel purposeful or productive, it takes a toll on employees’ performance and happiness. If your employees are experiencing meeting overload, you’re likely contemplating adding user-based virtual meetings to your company […]

How to Set Up a Hybrid Event


As virtual conferencing and streaming technology advance, more events are transcending the barriers of space and time. No longer must audiences congregate in one physical location to share in a real-time event experience. The internet allows virtual attendees to join in from wherever they are in the world. Yet, for many, there’s still the joy […]

What is a Hybrid Event?

SCP 1 cropped

It’s been a challenging year for the event industry. In response to COVID-19, many event planners shifted events to a virtual event platform. As lockdowns lift and the country begins to reopen, the question arises: How can event planners pivot from virtual events back to in-person events? The solution is simple—employ hybrid events. As the […]

Finding a New Job in the Event Industry

Finding a New Job in the Event Industry

Before the onset of COVID-19, the event industry was booming. Each day, trade shows, conferences, and corporate meetings took place. Sports fans eagerly attended their favorite teams’ games and music festivals drew massive crowds from across the country. In one fell swoop, COVID-19 shut down live events for the foreseeable future. Event planners were forced […]

Marketing Strategies for Event Employees

Marketing Strategies for Event Employees

With the COVID-19 outbreak and event safety at risk, the event industry has entered uncharted territory. Live events are suddenly off the table. In turn, event production companies and employees alike are out of work or struggling to attract new clients. Fortunately, event planner marketing can help combat these issues. In this article, you will […]