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Audio Visual Terminology in Virtual Production

Modern virtual production equipment

As the world has pivoted to more virtual events in the last year, our team at Vario has utilized audio visual technology that ensures any event goes smoothly. If you’re unfamiliar with audio visual terminology in the virtual world, we’re here to help you be a part of the conversation. Whether you’re entirely new to […]

How Much Do Keynote Speakers Really Cost?

Event production team members adjusting the AV equipment while a live event is happening at the front of the room

Having a great keynote speaker can make or break an event. The quality of the speech they deliver shapes audience impressions and may determine how memorable the event is. However, though event speakers add a great deal of value, their services also come at a cost.

How to Host a Successful Virtual Network During Your Next Event

On the laptop screen, people who gathered in a video conference to work on-line, near stands a cup of coffee

Every week you may receive multiple invitations to attend a virtual meeting and/or event. As an event planner, you’re probably wondering how to compete with other events and become the go-to for your target audience. We know from experience that having great speakers, topics, and sessions are important. But, also having the best virtual networking […]

12 Takeaways from The Past 12 Months

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If the past twelve months have taught us anything, it’s this: those who are willing to embrace change, evolve with shifting circumstances, and diversify their approach have a huge leg up on their competition. As in-person events transitioned to a virtual space, we have seen an industry-wide push for new forms of online engagement that […]

A Guide to Music Licensing for Your Next Event

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This guide to music licensing for events breaks down all the essential information you need to determine and acquire the right music license you need for your event. And, we’ll even point you in the right direction towards free alternative solutions.

A Complete Rundown of Budget Considerations for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Blue calculator and a pen laying on an event budget plan

Whenever you plan an event, budget considerations are always going to play a large role. From determining the guest list’s size to selecting the types of amenities, event planning is filled with constraints.  Virtual event planning has become a mainstay in the corporate event landscape. While this is partially due to a global pandemic, the […]

5 Inspiring Hybrid Event Examples

5 Inspiring Hybrid Event Examples

Hybrid events have become a crucial tool in event planners’ arsenal lately. While these types of events have been around for some time, the pandemic propelled them into newfound popularity. They’ve allowed event planners to adapt to the ever-changing COVID-19 conditions effectively. Due to hybrid events’ powerful utility: Roughly 75% of event planners said they […]

Virtual and Hybrid Events: What’s the Difference?

Virtual and Hybrid Events

The event industry is always evolving and this past year has been no exception; 2020 presented unique challenges for event planners worldwide as COVID-19 shook up the event landscape. With travel restrictions, social distancing, and health concerns, event planners had a lot to overcome. Fortunately, event planners adapted to these new challenges by employing innovative […]

Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

Event Lighting

When it comes to producing an event there are a lot of things to consider. From catering and staffing to the venue and location, the list goes on. But one thing that can make or break an event is lighting. And if you have put together an event before, large or small, you know that […]

How to Engage Your Audiences: In-Person and Virtual

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When it comes to captivating a room, your presenters know how to engage an audience, adjust their body language, work a stage, and help forge meaningful connections with every audience member; but what happens when there are two stages to command – one in the physical space and one in the digital? Enter hybrid events, […]

Top 4 Unique Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Happy Hour

Remote work has been on the rise for years, but ever since COVID-19 entered the scene, it’s become a cornerstone of the “new normal.”  While forgoing long commutes, wearing loungewear all day, and working from the couch has its perks, many remote employees have also struggled with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and cabin fever. If […]