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Motion Design & Graphic Design – Revamp Your Event

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motion design

Event Planning Elements: Graphic & Motion Design

Whether you’re planning a corporate function, fundraiser, or industry conference, the goal is the same: captivate the crowd and communicate your organization’s vision. To do that, you’ll need the time and resources to design eye-catching details and craft a memorable event.

One of the many tools in your event planning arsenal should be implementing graphic and motion design elements. If you’re ready to add striking visual design to your next event, look no further. This article will define graphic and motion design and explore what’s possible when it comes to event planning. Read on to ensure your next event is unforgettable.

Graphic Design For Event Planning

We all see elements of graphic design every day in our lives. Graphic design is the craft of using visual content to communicate a message. From the websites we visit to the packaging on our food, companies carefully curate the visual elements of their marketing materials and products to communicate their brand identity. Graphic design is especially important in event branding.

A professional graphic designer must have a unique and versatile skill set, including:

  • Digital tools
  • Artistic abilities
  • Data-backed analysis
  • Visual design principles

It takes a combination of these skills to tell a story and communicate to an audience through compelling visuals.

How Graphic Design Impacts Your Business

But how does graphic design impact your events? Consider the following ways graphic design elements may play a role in your organization’s relationship to customers, competitors, and event attendees:

  • Simplification – Through graphic design, you can take the important aspects of your business and compress them down into visuals. There are several ways to create an impactful message without having to spend several sentences explaining who you are. After all, a picture says a thousand words. For example, a simple green leaf icon can be used to imply energy efficiency.
  • Immediacy – The speed at which you connect with your audience is essential. With a million different products and businesses vying for our attention, a message has to cut through the noise by being immediately striking. Using graphic elements successfully, you can create an instantaneous connection with your audience and make impactful statements about your business.
  • Recognition – Brand recognition is at the heart of all marketing. While a catchy name and creative copy can pull your audience in, it’s often the graphic design elements that customers immediately recognize—and keep them hooked. Think of the largest brands in the world. They’ve honed their graphic design elements to the point that you can recognize their products without reading a single word of marketing copy.

Implementing Graphic Design into Your Events

The importance of effective graphic design elements may be apparent, but how you choose to implement them into your event planning and execution may not be so obvious.

To fully utilize graphic design elements, consider the following options for your next event:

  • Cultivate your digital presence – Today, all events have a digital presence, whether they’re completely online or have an in-person component. Implement your brand identity across your event website, apps, and networks with graphic design elements such as your images, icons, logos, web design, and more developed expressly for the web.
  • Event production – If you’re planning a high-production event involving a stage, quality sound, and lighting elements, your business has a massive branding opportunity. Every part of your production should reflect your company’s identity and display your essential brand elements throughout the staging area. For example, a customized gobo used to display your organization’s logo with light on the stage backdrop, on the floor as guests enter or even on the venue’s walls is an easy way to incorporate your brand into your stage and event design.
  • Displays and client interactions – Use graphic design to build a better relationship with your customers. Corporate events provide opportunities to make a strong impact, build brand trust, and refine your image. One way to do this is through visual elements like banners, displays, and demo booths. Visual design can speak directly to your customers, showing them the quality and professionalism of your business.

Motion Design For Event Planning

What is motion design? Graphic design may be a well-known term, but motion design is quickly becoming the new standard in visual marketing. While graphic design typically refers to static images, fonts, color schemes, and layouts, motion design refers to moving images.

Elements of motion design include:

  • Digital animation
  • Film
  • Motion text

Essentially, motion design is a discipline that uses video production, visual effects, and animation to communicate a message.

As technology advances, motion design has grown, bringing professional video technology into the hands of more people. Today, motion design allows businesses big and small to explore the marketing potentials of video.

The Benefits of Motion Design

Motion design works adjacently with graphic design principles, and your business can benefit by implementing motion and graphic design in various forms. Additionally, motion design offers distinct opportunities to draw in an audience and grow your brand.

Consider these ways in which motion design elements can positively impact your business:

  • High-interest – A great image can cause a quick pause, but a video has the potential to stop your audience in their tracks. An estimated 240 million Americans watch digital videos each year, and it appears that consumers are more interested than ever in video content. For many audiences, online videos are their primary source for information and engagement—that can translate to more clicks for your business.
  • Longer engagement – Keep your audience’s attention for longer by giving them dynamic visual content. Videos, animations, and other aspects of motion design can encourage audiences to stay with your content for longer, watching as they eagerly wait to see what comes next.
  • Drive traffic and modernize – Videos are widely popular across social media platforms and webpages. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads this year. Motion design elements could be crucial in driving more customers to your business across every platform.

Implementing Motion Design into Your Events

Are you interested in implementing motion design into your next corporate event? It takes a professional team to craft a professional motion graphic video so it is never too early to begin the creative planning process.

Consider applying these motion design elements to your next branded event:

  • Digital venue – Let your attendees explore your event digitally before setting foot in the physical venue. Through digital modeling and animation, you can let your participants discover various aspects of your event from the comfort of their homes.
  • Explainer Video– Looking for a quick and efficient way of explaining who you are and what you do? A live-action or animated video attached to your event website can be a great way for those just arriving to get acclimated with your business or organization. Consider the tone and style that matches your brand and start brainstorming a script.
  • Interactive app – The convenience of a mobile app for your corporate event cannot be understated. It’s an easy way for attendees to buy tickets, seek out information, and stay connected with all aspects of your event. You can increase the strength and impact of your app by adding interactive visual elements, animated icons, and video content to keep event participants returning to their app time and time again.

Vario: Bring Innovative Design To Your Next Event

As you can see, graphic design and motion design are integral to strengthening your brand and hosting events. They’re also highly technical skills that can cost a lot of time and resources to execute well. If you are looking to capitalize on the benefits of these powerful design elements, we can help.

When you connect with us, the creative process can truly begin as our team works to craft a personalized strategy that works for your business. We offer complete packages to meet your needs, including concept creation, branding, production design, and everything else to surpass all expectations. Connect with one of our event specialists to see how we can help you improve your next event with innovative design.


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