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Professional Event Graphic and Motion Designers
Using a unique set of talents and creative artistry, our team can breathe life into any event with stellar graphics and captivating motion design. We’ll work with you to create a visual experience that builds on and elevates your brand.
Striking Visuals

Elevate Events with Advanced Graphic and Motion Design

Contrary to popular belief, the human attention span isn’t diminishing, it’s simply becoming more demanding. With so many choices (some might label these as ‘distractions’) available to each audience member, it’s crucial that your event visuals strategically obtain and maintain attention. Each graphic and motion design you utilize should add intrigue, enhance your storytelling, and captivate audiences. By curating the visual experience, not only do you reinforce brand recognition and add extra excitement for your event, you also increase engagement and information retention. 

Research shows that 65% of us are visual learners and we retain 80% of what we see. We best understand and remember things shown to us in photos, icons, infographics, charts, graphics, etc. versus text or speech. The takeaway? Visuals matter. 

The Facts​

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.
Infographic of how much information is retained by a human being, citing how the majority of people are visual learners
Sources: Paul Martin Lester, “Syntactic Theory of Visual Communications,” 2006, and Harris Eisenberg, “Humans Process Visual Data Better,” Thermopylae Sciences, September 15, 2014.
Man standing on stage with a hologram of a human brain around him for a live event for Allergan
Source: Allergan Mind Summit Case Study
Your Content Can Be Visually Stunning

Here's What To Expect:

Elevate your brand and influence attendee engagement with design that dazzles. The best graphics grab attention, convey ideas and information to your attendees in a more digestible fashion, and keep their focus. Enhancing static graphics by adding motion design can add that extra “wow” factor and take your event from great to amazing. Our graphic and motion designers have the talent, experience, and expertise to create cohesive, captivating visual designs for all facets of your event. 

Using your pre-existing brand guidelines, or after we create your event brand from scratch, we’ll deploy a customized graphics package that adds a level of polish, professionalism, and consistency to your marketing collateral through production execution and post-event recaps. Immerse attendees in your brand, connect them to your story, and deliver the moments that matter. Our goal is to help you deliver content worth remembering. Read on to learn more about the various places to implement graphic and motion design for optimum results.

What You Need To Know


Show-Ready Graphic Packages:

Based on your needs, we’ll provide a package of cohesive graphics and stingers your technical team can deploy during attendee entries and exits, speaker intros/walk ons, award announcements, session transitions, digital backdrops, etc. – all fit to your necessary video resolutions and ratios. Typically, this collection may involve animated logos on loop, fly-in lower thirds, and video highlights to announce housekeeping items, spotlight sponsors, display company facts, and remind attendees of upcoming agenda items.

Don’t forget about your breakouts! For a well-rounded and consistent event experience, you should include a small graphic package to utilize across your other meeting rooms.

Example of fly-in lower thirds for videos.

Opening and Closing Videos:

First impressions and final moments are the most impactful so we encourage you to enhance these key segments on your general session stage. Our seasoned branding specialists will conceptualize custom opening and closing videos to prominently introduce your theme at the start of the event and reinforce key takeaways before audiences disperse, leaving them with positive ‘bookend’ experiences.

Session Content Enhancements:

Engage your audience even further by adding graphic and video assets into your speakers’ presentations. By implementing custom icons, animations, infographics, charts, and explainer videos across sessions, you’ll pique and maintain your audience’s interest throughout the event. Our team of experienced creators will translate your speakers’ [otherwise bulleted] information into accessible, digestible visual graphics that aligns with your event’s theme, your brand, and your intended message.

Website and Platform Branding:

Image of three illustrated laptops with their screens all showing the ForeSight website

A professionally designed website (or platform) is the perfect place to centralize your event’s crucial information. By having an easily navigable, eye-catching landing place, prospective attendees will feel compelled to register for your event, and those already attending will be able to reference need-to-know updates with ease. Our designers will put their technology expertise and creativity into practice to produce website visuals (hero imagery, UI/UX and styling, digital banners and graphics, teaser animations, etc.) worth browsing.



On-premise signage is an essential part of a smooth event. Instead of basic black and white signs, incorporate your event aesthetic into check-in, scheduling, and directional signage with custom graphics. Not only will this streamline the flow of the attendee journey, but it’s also an eye-catching opportunity to reinforce your branding for a cohesive and exciting event experience. Every sign should remind people of what event they are at, from the entrance to the exit and everything in between.

Swag Artwork:

Promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising. Swag gives you the very real opportunity to spread your brand and company awareness well beyond the physical barriers of your event space. Our creative team can resize your brand logo and personalize additional unique graphics to fit the molds of whichever fun (and relevant) promo items you choose to give away.


Email Communications:

E-newsletter subscriptions and email announcements are still a top strategy for reaching and communicating with target audiences. Increase future click rates with visually appealing graphics that excite and prompt readers to follow your call-to-actions, be it “saving the date”, registering for the event, or reading need-to-know infographic content. A high-quality graphic can do wonders for your marketing goals – we can provide header & footer imagery, email templates, and a collection of go-to graphics.

Social Media:

LinkedIn Square Blog Post Template 2
1240 x 788 Blog Post Template 2

Engage with your audience before, during, and after your event by curating a strong social media presence across multiple platforms. Attract new and existing audiences with static and motion assets that stand out in a sea of stories and posts, get them to stop scrolling, and motivate them to click. We’ll blend the aesthetics of your existing social media presence and your event branding for a cohesive look that creates buzz.


Highlights Package:

No event is truly complete when the last attendee leaves – leverage the excitement and engagement you built with your audience for days, weeks, and months following your event. We believe in a strong post-event strategy that involves follow up, reminders of the great times had, content debriefs, and encouragement towards next steps. Our graphics team can create a highlight reel to share with those that attended (and those that missed out), infographics to recap main messaging points, additional digital graphics and video assets (for your website, emails, & social media), and even pretty-up analytic reports to share with your stakeholders.

Partner With Visual Design Experts for Your Event

Producing an event takes an immense amount of work by a large number of people, and that investment should be reflected in every design decision: a logo that perfectly represents your event and everything it stands for, event graphics that are as clear and concise as they are dazzling, a website that acts as a digital hub for your event, ads and social media that engage your audience, and signage that enhances the experience for every attendee. Our team possesses all the tools and skills needed to tackle any and all of these projects, so you can focus on everything else that goes into a successful event. Planning an event? Allow us to help you elevate your event and captivate your audience with visually stunning elements.

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