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KPBS Celebrates

KPBS Celebrates


About KPBS

KPBS’ mission is to provide the San Diego community with news to “make us think, help us dream, and keep us connected.”

KPBS (a not-for-profit organization) informs the public by providing coverage of global and local news through television programming, radio broadcasts, digital content, and community events.



What They Needed: Tailored Event Production For A Themed Annual Fundraiser

Vario was contracted by the San Diego affiliate of PBS to produce their annual fundraiser.

The theme for this particular year was “Elections”, celebrating everything that they encompass, whether at the national or state and local level. We were tasked with taking the theme that the organizers created, and conceptualizing a complete vision of how the event would transpire.




What We Provided: Cohesive, Immersive Experience That Kept Guests Dancing Till The End

Vario’s design and engagement team worked with Special Event and Communications Manager Claudine Casillas and her San Diego based event team. They had already selected the beautiful US Grant hotel as their venue, so we created scaled diagrams and renderings that could be updated in real-time with KPBS staff, and were tasked with all the creative, decor, stage design, and production services.



Vario’s creative services included design and printing of meter boards, graphics, and advising on invitation design. From a decor perspective we fashioned and custom designed the auction tables with soft goods, florals, and linens, as well as provided everything for the dinner portion in the ballroom. Production included dual video screen installation around existing infrastructure, execution of run of show, pin-spotting of all tables and centerpieces, themed entertainment and walk-around talent, as well as an after-party band which kept the guests dancing until the very end.




What Makes Us Different: Defining A Theme Through Combined Event Production And Creative Expertise

Vario was able to eloquently marry event production and event creative with tailored solutions in both areas. Custom solutions and flawless execution helped KPBS create a clear, unified theme that made the event truly memorable!



“Vario provided exceptional event production for two signature KPBS events. Their exemplary customer service, effective leadership, and resourcefulness stand out. They are more than an A/V company…they are a vital part of the event planning team.”

— Claudine Casillas, Special Event and Communications Manager

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