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Enagic Case Study

Enagic Case Study

“Elevating Enagic’s Annual Event: Unveiling the Power of Water with Unparalleled Event Production and Creative Services”



In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, Enagic International stands as a stalwart, pioneering the transformation of ordinary tap water into an extraordinary elixir of life. For more than four decades, Enagic has been at the forefront of manufacturing water ionization systems, with their flagship Kangen Water machines making waves globally. As part of their commitment to spreading awareness and building lasting connections, Enagic hosts an annual event that serves as a nexus for employees, distributors, and potential customers.

The Enagic Experience:

Enagic’s journey began over 40 years ago in Japan, where a visionary team set out to redefine the way we perceive and consume water. The result: a cutting-edge water ionization system that turns regular tap water into a pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced, and hydrogen-rich elixir known as Kangen Water. The impact of this innovation is felt worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of Kangen Water machines finding their way into homes across the globe.

The Annual Convergence:

Enagic’s annual event is not just a gathering; it’s a celebration of transformation. It brings together Enagic employees, distributors, and potential customers for a deep dive into the product lines, fostering connections, and creating an atmosphere of celebration. However, the challenges posed by the pandemic necessitated a reevaluation of the event’s size, scope, and energy.


The Challenge:

Enagic’s meeting planners faced the daunting task of resurrecting the event to its pre-pandemic grandeur. Previous years had seen scaled-down versions due to health and safety concerns. With no previous production partner experienced in large-scale events, the baton was passed to the Vario team. Their mandate: design and execute a conference that not only educated attendees but also infused a celebratory, party-like atmosphere.

Navigating Challenges:

Three main challenges loomed large:

  1. Large Production Value Without a Clear Path: The client desired significant production value, but the roadmap to achieve this was unclear.
  2. Blending Eastern and Western Values: Enagic’s headquarters in Japan meant navigating a mix of Eastern and Western values and customs.
  3. Cohesive Vision and Creative Assets: The need for a cohesive vision and assistance in developing creative assets added another layer of complexity.


The Vario Solution

Consultative Approach:

Vario embraced a consultative approach, creating an effective event strategy that combined creative tools and event technology. The goal was to deliver a high-caliber event on time and on budget.

Full Production Support:

  • Weekly Pre-Production Planning Calls: Despite a short planning timeframe, Vario ensured open communication and alignment with Enagic’s vision.
  • Tailored Production Setup: Adapting to a unique meeting space over several iterations, Vario ensured the setup was optimized for the event’s success.
  • Detailed Run of Show: Crafting a detailed plan with unique interactive elements ensured a seamless flow of the event.
  • On-Site Adaptability: Vario’s team remained agile, addressing additional last-minute client requests on-site.

Creative Oversight:

  • Vision Casting: Prior to the event, Vario played a pivotal role in shaping the look and feel through visual assets, music, and attendee engagement experiences.
  • Audio/Visual Enhancement: Every element was curated to enhance the brand and elevate the attendee experience.


What Sets Vario Apart


Results-Oriented Approach:

Vario’s “means to the end” mentality set the tone for success. By understanding key ROI metrics unique to the event, such as attendee sentiment, on-site sales, and increased brand awareness, Vario ensured the most successful annual conference Enagic has experienced to date.

Strategic Team of Doers:

A strategic team kept planning on schedule, ensuring that every aspect of the event contributed to its success.

On-Site Agility:

An on-site group of engineers and creative minds remained agile throughout the execution, adapting to changes and ensuring a flawless experience for attendees.

A Celebration of Success

In conclusion, the collaboration between Enagic and Vario resulted in a transformative event experience. By marrying Enagic’s vision with Vario’s expertise in event production, audio-visual enhancements, and creative services, the annual conference surpassed all expectations. It wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of success, innovation, and the remarkable impact of Kangen Water on lives worldwide. Join us in raising a toast to the power of water transformation and the seamless synergy of Enagic and Vario.




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