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Bellame Case Study

Bellame Case Study

Bellame Case Study

About Bellame

Bellame Beauty is a direct beauty sales and marketing company with an entrepreneurial MLM (multi level marketing) approach, specializing in personal care and cosmetics products. Bellame combines luxury with science by offering beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products in high-end packaging.

An Elevated Approach To Conference Design And Production

Bellame, a brand synonymous with elegance, simplicity, and success,  recently embarked on a journey to elevate their conference experience by working with an experienced event production company. Having not worked with a nationally touring partner like Vario, the process was new for their small event team. This case study delves into the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and how Vario’s expertise transformed Bellame’s event into a resounding triumph.

Creative Solutions Crafted for Success

Working with our creative services team we were able to ideate on ways to incorporate and showcase the minimalistic but sleek branding that Bellame is known for, by creating a bespoke scenic flat featuring a 3D crafted letter “B” as the centerpiece. Lighting played a pivotal role, with an array of moving lights adding texture while adhering to the brand’s color palette. By optimizing their program we were able to create a natural cadence that led to much better engagement.

A Consultative Approach

Understanding Bellame’s aspirations for an elevated experience, production guidance, and expanded audience, Vario delivered on every front. Four months of meticulous planning, weekly pre-production calls, and a detailed Run of Show ensured a well-coordinated event. Presenters enjoyed a VIP experience with a dedicated backstage green room, complemented by our stage manager. The collaboration extended to on-site adjustments, accommodating additional gear requests, and even an impromptu Karaoke After Party.

A Hybrid Triumph

In the era of virtual connectivity, Vario elevated the event further by implementing a hybrid production approach. The General Session was live-streamed on Bellame’s Facebook Page, engaging remote viewers from all over the United States. We also designed a custom template and seamlessly integrated camera feeds and content, ensuring a dynamic online experience while maintaining brand consistency.


Unleashing Success and Differentiation

Bellame’s newly formed partnership with Vario overseeing all areas of their event production paid off spectacularly. Attendees and executives hailed it as their best conference yet. The strategic launch of 2024 ticket sales at the close of the General Session saw a remarkable 90% attendance retention from the 2023 event. Bellame is now eyeing a doubled audience for the next conference, a testament to Vario’s transformative impact on their events.

Sustaining Success through Client Testimonials

The success story of Bellame’s conference doesn’t solely rely on statistics; it echoes through the testimonials of attendees and executives. Numerous participants expressed their awe at the seamless execution and the immersive atmosphere created by Vario. These firsthand accounts not only validate the impact of the event but also serve as a powerful endorsement for future conferences. The positive buzz generated by attendees has not only elevated Bellame’s brand perception but has also sparked anticipation for their next event.

Embracing Innovation for Future Conferences

As Bellame revels in the triumph of their recent conference, the focus shifts to the future. Vario’s commitment to innovation ensures that each event is a step ahead. The integration of hybrid elements, personalized experiences, and adaptability showcased in this collaboration sets a precedent for future conferences, promising a continuous evolution of excellence.

In the competitive realm of event production, the collaboration between Bellame and Vario stands as a beacon of success. Navigating challenges, embracing innovation, and delivering an unparalleled experience, this partnership has not only met but exceeded expectations. As Bellame looks to the future, their goals are to double the attendance at their 2024 conference, and with Vario at their side, they are confident our seamless event production and pre-production process wilil set them up for success for years to come.




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