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A Cohesive Identity

Transforming Your Unique Brand Into A Successful Event

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Example of a branded event.

If you are a company, chances are you have a company brand; but how does that translate into an event experience? Do you simply reuse and repeat the main brand to indicate “you’re at our event” or do you enhance the experience with a unique sub-brand that celebrates the event’s purpose and messaging? 

While your event brand should reflect your organization’s brand, it can (and should) have a brand of its own. 

Designing a thoughtful event brand that resonates with your company and your audience shapes how everyone involved – speakers, sponsors, attendees, and stakeholders – remembers the experience. An incredible event brand will not only attract and keep attendees’ attention, it will help attendees retain the valuable information you share. All identity elements should combine to create a cohesive experience and, if done successfully, attendees will recall the event with positive emotions.

Putting Your Brand Center Stage
Here's What To Expect:

Vario understands every detail – your event name, logo, tagline, tone, colors, typography, imagery, etc. – contributes to your attendee’s overall experience and their lasting impression of your company. Consistency is key to becoming easily recognizable and will bring your attendees a clear sense of reliability, security, and loyalty. Our goal is to leverage the event brand’s massive influence by using it across all the event’s touchpoints, including your marketing efforts and the day-of look and feel.  Whether you approach us with an inspiring idea or simply don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you create a unified event brand through thoughtfully curated visual elements.  Our creative team will deliver cohesive and polished event branding, guaranteeing each element culminates in the event you’ve envisioned.  

Intuit Transform
Source: Intuit Transform Case Study
What You Need To Know:

Event Name:

Your name is your identity (we know we don’t need to tell you that). However, consider enhancing your event identity into something that packs a punch, rolls off the tongue, and resonates with your audience. Your event name should stand out in a crowd and excite your attendees. For example, Salesforce’s flagship event is called Dreamforce, which probably grabs you a little more than “Salesforce User and Customer Convention,” right? If you must include a naming convention as a clear descriptive, be methodical and consistent with your choice. Is your event a conference, a seminar, a symposium, a convention, or something else entirely?

Event Theme:

Based on the purpose and goals of your event, our branding specialists will help create a distinct theme that will act as a guidepost for all other branding decisions. Before we ideate around specific visuals, we’ll ensure your theme is memorable, relevant to your audience, and in line with the event’s intended takeaways. Your theme is your event’s foundation and will unite the many different branding components with a focused objective.

Event Logo:

Your logo is the primary visual representation of your event name. Guided by the overarching vision, we’ll design an event logo that is emblematic of your company and unique to your event brand. When the event theme evolves annually, your logo should remain consistent in order to build upon recognition. Beyond creating the logo, we’ll ensure that it’s displayed prominently at all significant touchpoints during the event’s production for optimum exposure. If a picture says a thousand words, your event logo will be worth a million.

Source IMEX America, MPI, Hubspot, and EMS 2022

Event Tone and Voice:

Brands need to have their own personality and tone of voice helps standardize your communication and strengthen your identity. Your brand voice is not only what you say but how you say it. Brand tone of voice is the mood or emotion you express in messages to your attendees through specific word choice and writing style. By strategizing the tone and voice you use in all the copy associated with your event, you give the attendees a sense of what to expect. Keep your ideal audience and company brand in mind when writing marketing content, speeches, and presentation content. If your company tone is young and casual, don’t use intimidating words or formal descriptions.

Event Tagline:

Your tagline should clearly provide a glimpse into the event and what it offers. In a brainstorm session, our creative team will assist you in identifying your event’s differentiators and defining its distinct value. With a solid understanding of your event’s distinct characteristics, we’ll be better equipped to offer relevant and powerful “hooks”. A great tagline shares the essence of the event brand and conveys why the attendees should attend, all while being concise and compelling (some might even say catchy and clever). This sounds easier than it may be and is all the more reason to include our professionals in your ideation process.

Event Colors:

Simply put, your event color palette is one of the most important visual stimuli to enhance the experience. It’s less about what you think looks good and more about the emotional response colors create. This is a well-established research topic that branding specialists continue to rely on. The chart below summarizes some colors and their corresponding emotional responses.

Colors and color combinations create moods and feelings that subliminally affect our decision making. More than just decor choices, the color of your branding, lighting, centerpieces, furniture, linens, etc. have a psychological effect on your attendees. For example, if your goal is to have a very motivating sales kickoff to celebrate company growth and innovation, you might consider a palette of greens, blues, and pops of yellow. By understanding color theory, you can be sure you’ve set the proper scene to invoke the right emotions, memorialize a positive experience, and help cement your messaging in guests’ minds.

Event Typography:

People often associate this brand style detail with font selection, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in various combinations of font, size, and spacing to make the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. Typography adds to your event brand’s personality. Font style, typeface appearance, and hierarchy structure not only ensure we can comfortably read and process text, but they help carry the intended emotion and meaning behind your messaging. Your design can look friendly, playful, important, or high-end, dependant on your selections.

Event Imagery:

Visuals are becoming increasingly important to today’s audiences as attention spans dwindle and distractions grow. The images you choose to represent your company and your event brand — brand imagery —  make an impression on your audience within the blink of any eye so it’s essential to select each image with purpose. Whether you’re traditional and minimalist or modern and edgy, pick a style of imagery (i.e. photography or illustrations) that shows them who you are. Each visual placed on your website, in marketing posts, and throughout slide presentations reflects your brand and further sets the tone for what you communicate to your attendees. Use well-selected images that align with your brand personality to consistently impart a message and a mood in a meaningful and memorable way

Source: Allergan Mind Summit Case Study
Brand Your Event A Success With Industry-Leading Partners

Our event branding experts can help actualize your vision in every part of your event. From a theme that underscores the entire experience to a logo that encapsulates all you’re trying to convey, from a color scheme that memorializes positive feelings to imagery that attracts attention, there’s no reason to settle for less than impeccable branding. We have the tools, skills, and experience to take what may seem like an intangible idea and bring it to life with these tangible elements. Whether you come to us with a fully fleshed-out idea for your event’s look or want creative guidance from the very beginning, we can work with you to brand your event as a cohesive, unified experience for everyone involved. Contact us and we’ll help you share your brand with the world.

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