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Become A Pro At Event Execution By Following These Do’s & Don’ts

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Large-scale corporate events are an excellent way for companies to maximize customer engagement, strengthen brand identity, increase sales revenue and further business and interpersonal relationships. By developing a thorough event strategy and understanding of how to execute, such a function can be educational, inspiring, and interactive.

To be successful in your event planning, there are certain do’s and don’ts that must be carefully considered. If executed smoothly, these special events hold the ability to captivate consumers and elevate companies to new heights.

The Event Execution Checklist

While the goal is for these corporate events to be executed in an effortless fashion, an immense amount of organization, communication, and negotiation is required to bring masterful visions to life for the client. The detail-orientated and time-intensive nature of event handling, of course, leaves a daunting margin for error. However, fear not, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive event planning timeline checklist of the most important do’s and don’ts of event planning and execution.

Are you ready to succeed in your corporate event planning endeavors?

The Interconnected Nature of Public Perception and Event Execution Plans

The secret to a company’s success relies largely upon public perception and experiential marketing. One of the most powerful marketing tools is indeed, word of mouth. If an event is executed smoothly, its attendees are sure to communicate positive feedback to others. In this way, being able to anticipate attendee feedback is hugely valuable. You may ask yourself:

  • What is the objective of this conference and how will my team achieve this?
  • What is the target demographic of the user?

The success of a corporate function can, in turn, enhance a company’s overall exposure, client engagement, and total revenue. According to the United States Convention and Trade Show Organizers Industry Report, profit margins from corporate events are expected to greatly increase, incentivizing event-planning companies to gain a competitive edge in this growing and demanding sector of the business market. This is why planning and implementing a well-organized business event that people enjoy is crucial to a company’s prosperity.

Now, let’s unleash the secret to a smooth large-scale event delivery to maximize your company’s potential.

How to Curate A Success Guaranteed Event Execution Checklist

Before the day of the event itself, it is crucial to have everything from the venue, to the entertainment, to the food and beverage catering impeccably organized. It is important to provide yourself with ample planning time to mitigate any logistical setbacks. Ideally, you should begin the planning process three or more months in advance.

If you are planning a large-scale conference with 5,000+ attendees, allow you and your team a longer planning span when forecasting an event timeline. To begin, start preliminary measures like brainstorming and strategizing with your team to gain a consensus as to what the company’s corporate ambitions are. You’ll want to discuss enough details to gauge the best and most appropriate venue and event design that will fit the context of the special occasion.

  • Are you trying to increase brand identity and social media awareness?
  • Are you providing a space for like-minded individuals to connect and network?
  • Or are you creating a promotional event to launch a new product or app?

These are all imperative questions when beginning to envision the inspiration and purpose of the event. The process of developing a vision should be part of your overall event management process, which will be executed in due course.

A Defined Objective | Choosing Your Event Planning Company

Once the objective of the event is clearly defined, it is time to bring your inspiration to life. First off, you need to integrate a reputable company that specializes in both planning and executing corporate events. Be sure to choose a professional company that has an extensive repertoire of successful corporate event productions and has connections to a network of vendors. In doing so, the event production company will be able to translate your vision into a reality with precision and efficiency.

During this event planning time the essential elements such as the venue, suppliers, and keynote speakers should all be sourced and confirmed. By working with a professional event management company, other crucial components such as the necessary audio and visual technology, lighting, set design, and live entertainment will be accounted for.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Company

Working with detailed-orientated people will mitigate any chances of mistake. In fact, the benefits of investing in an event production company to manage your corporate events are made clear in a recent statistic. This statistic affirms that 74% of consumers who attend a professionally produced corporate event are more inclined to purchase the promoted product and develop a loyalty to the company. This is the essence of event marketing.

Developing an emotional connection between a product and a company is crucial when constructing brand identity and incentivizing sales. In turn, this provides the company with an exponential return on investment, as its attendees are that much more likely to purchase the desired product. Keep in mind, if you are tethered to specific budget parameters; be sure to communicate this with your planning partner, as this will help you gauge company expenditures. Event planning companies are willing to adapt to meet your needs and budget restrictions, while still putting on a successful event.

The Nuances Explained

While these are integral components to the success of a memorable event, there remain many nuances in the art of event planning, which have to be organized and executed with great precision. Once you have allocated the logistical aspects of the event, it is time to prepare for the big day.

By adhering to the following list of expert event planning and execution advice, you will be able to produce an innovative, engaging and memorable corporate event.

To that end, let’s start with the do’s.

  • Do: Attend the Venue Walk-Through – You should always strive to visit the venue before committing to the location. This way you can gain a realistic visual and ensure the space is as advertised. Your team must select a venue that can accommodate all of your business’s goals. Once you have confirmed your venue, prioritize participating in a walk-through before the day of the event. Do not underestimate the importance of attending the event walk-through.

This is your chance not only to appreciate the spectacular finished product, but also to foresee any challenges, and make any minor last-minute adjustments. At this time you may wish to put the finishing touches on certain elements such as the mood lighting, seating arrangements and order of entertainment.

  • Do: Finalize An Itinerary for The Event – It is integral to the success of your event that a strategic itinerary is planned and executed before the production date. The key to a successful large-scale event requires meticulous planning to eliminate any discrepancies. By providing your guests with itineraries as they arrive, you can better ensure the event will proceed smoothly. Why?

Planning and executing a strict, detailed itinerary will alleviate any logistical confusion, and provide a sense of structure and framework for the attendees. Your itinerary should include:

  1. The event date and a brief description of the conference purpose
  2. Relevant contact information
  3. Detailed map instructions to the location
  4. An hour-by-hour schedule of events

Consider breaking up the educational speakers with light appetizers and refreshments. The sequence of events must be clear to your guests to maximize their enjoyment and engagement. Finally, be sure to select a template that reflects the theme and aesthetic of the company to complement and promote the brands’ identity.

  • Do: Present Information Through Innovative and Exciting Mediums – Can you recall attending a corporate event where you felt uninspired and disinterested? The goal of the event is to have your guests feeling optimistic and excited about the information, product, or networking experience they gained by attending the conference. To instill this sense of excitement, it is crucial to think outside the box when conveying new information.

Whether a live demonstration or an interactive experience (with your audience), it’s paramount to keep your audience engaged. You may consider using music, games or infographics to display and discuss new information. According to Digital Information World, 88% of marketing companies use visuals in more than 50% of the articles and presentations they produce, making graphic design software a leading technique in optimizing engagement and retention rates.

Cautionary Advice on Event Planning and Execution

Now that your familiar with the do’s of event planning and execution, let’s cover the don’ts:

  • Don’t: Fail to Develop and Adhere to a Budget Agreement – It is vital to compose a binding budget agreement with your company and your chosen suppliers. Within your budget agreement, the requirements of your suppliers and the consequent compensation should be clearly defined. If you do not exercise monetary caution when planning large-scale events you risk the chance of over-spending.
  • Don’t: Discard the Legal Paperwork – Remind your company’s event coordinator to save and make duplicates of any official contracts or legal paperwork that outlines the agreed-upon responsibilities of your suppliers. This is an important component of your event execution plan. By taking these proactive measures, you will keep your suppliers accountable for their job duties on the big day.
  • Don’t: Overlook Logistical Problems – Even when you plan everything to the last detail, its possible to encounter setbacks. Whether this is traffic delays, miscommunication on the itinerary, or unexpected technology failure, be prepared to exercise damage control. Practice proactiveness by having additional transportation methods organized and substitute keynote speakers if need be. Always think one step ahead!

The Benefits of Adopting Sustainable Methodology

Awareness surrounding sustainability has exponentially increased within the past decade. Many businesses have remodeled their entire supply chain management to comply with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Depending on the objective of your event and the target demographic, you may want to consider incorporating sustainable practices into the event. This could include swapping disposable cups with reusable branded water bottles, opting for digital communication rather than print, or simply supporting local businesses.

The Importance of Partnering With an Experienced Event Planning Team

Now that you are educated on the do’s and don’ts of event planning and execution, you can make an informed decision on the structure of your event, and your partnerships. A reputable event planning business holds the ability to make your creative vision a compelling reality.

Perfecting the Art of Event Planning and Execution

While producing a successful and seamless large-scale event can be challenging, by following this comprehensive event execution checklist you will be sure to succeed in your production endeavors. Remember: creating a professional event requires impeccable organization, communication, branding, and negotiation and you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to the experts at Vario to take your event to the next level.

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