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What is Vario Planning?

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The team at Vario has been producing events since 1998, and when we relaunched our website in May of 2018 it was essential to tell the story as to why Vario Planning was an essential part of our business. So what does that mean for you? We are THE resource for meeting planners, DMC’s and meeting support teams because we’ve been there, done that. With our background in event production we learned early on that for any event to be a success, you must get as many stakeholders involved as possible. Vario focuses on three specific areas:

  1. Industry Experts

From Destinations to Hotels and Venues, we’ve been there, done it, booked it. General sessions, specialty events, sales meetings, expos & trade shows, conventions and galas; we can handle it. You want to find a unique option for your next meeting? Ask us. Vario’s proprietary site inspection process optimizes hotel, supplier and other relevant information. We aim to share valuable knowledge, gained over decades of experience working with clients like you.

We have experience managing and producing events for fifty attendees to citywide conferences, concerts, and festivals with thousands of guests. Because of Vario’s relationships with major brands and independent hoteliers, convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), destination management companies (DMCs), special event venues, and other industry suppliers and partners, we ensure you receive the intimate touch in every major domestic market. We take pride in matching programs with our preferred “experts on the ground.”

  1. Master Planners

If you already have a Request For Proposal (RFP) in place, we are one step closer. It will serve as an excellent starting point for our process. If you do not, we will assist in the creation of one along with your site inspection agenda.  We provide custom planning and production documents so that you deliver for your team.We will help you with the macro planning, or whichever phase of destination or production planning that is on your to do list. If you do not need guest rooms for an upcoming event but want to find and secure an amazing outdoor or indoor space, we will take you through our proprietary process to select top options and best position you for a venue booking or buyout.  Even if your venue is locked in already but you seek event production management, look no further. Vario is your event master planning solution.

  1. Problem Solvers

What we promise is our willingness to assist with as much or as little as you need. We want you and your group to experience everything first-hand as our VIPs. While we help many of our clients with the full scope of their meeting planning and production needs, from inception to execution, we know that it is an ever-changing industry that requires constant flexibility.There are always unforeseen circumstances that come up with any event that require solutions. With Vario on your side, you can ensure every detail is properly in place and nothing gets overlooked. Receive expert support and insights during each critical planning phase. Proposal consolidation, site inspection assistance, and contract negotiation support can save you valuable time, money and resources, thereby, solving your most serious problems. Our team focuses on making sure you WIN, whether it be for your hotel room block or venue buyout.

With Vario involved in the planning phase, we are able to advise the meeting planner and end client as to the most advantageous decision based upon the conference needs, from an A/V perspective, as well as overall guest experience. Rather than replacing the planners, Vario is here to be your trusted partner, working with each client from the beginning, to ensure your event is a success.

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