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Today’s event attendees demand more than flashing lights and incredible sound, they want the latest and greatest technology, and they are more than willing to embrace it. Never before has technology been so accessible and available to the masses. According to the Pew Research Center, as of February 2018, 95% of all Americans now own a cellphone of some kind, and 77% of Americans own a smartphone. While there isn’t an official study on percentage of smartphone users among meeting attendees and professionals, we can assume that we are close to full penetration. That means the power of a supercomputer is at each users fingertips, allowing for services like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (collectively referred to as Mixed Reality), Interactive Branding, Social Media Immersion, and other cutting edge opportunities to be usable by the masses. We define VR as immersing the user into a digital environment.

Below is an example of Vario’s Virtual Reality (VR) Station, which allows guests to immerse themselves into a Virtual Reality environment through the use of our custom built VR Station. The user places the headsets on and selects from a handful of customized experiences. All content is presented in stunning 4K complete with heart-pounding soundtrack.

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more mainstream each day. With the launch of Pokemon Go in July 0f 2016, AR went from future technology without a clear path to customer adoption, to mainstream solution. We define AR as bringing the digital, virtual world into the real world. By utilizing applications on mobile phones, iPads, and tablets, the user is presented with content normally reserved for the digital world, as an overlay in our world.

Below is a video created by Engadget which summarizes the difference between VR and AR, and where the technology is at the beginning 2018.

There are many uses for AR in the event world, and Vario is at the forefront of bringing turnkey solutions to an event near you. Most visits to conference host cities are so short that visitors rarely get to see most of the city’s attractions and landmarks. Allow your guests to be part of an Augmented Reality (AR) environment through our custom built AR Station. The user gets to visit 5 stations during their interactive experience that incorporate the best of the destination, or any destination for that matter. Using a provided iPad, our guide will show guests how 2D triggers come to life in 3D right before their eyes!

In additional to AR and VR, Vario has a myriad of additional Interactive Services, including traditional photo booths, green screen video booths, slow motion booths, and even Virtual Reality photo booths. Here are a couple videos of the various services:


Slow Motion Booth


Green Screen Video

If you are interested in learning more about creative experiences that motivate and excite your attendees or guests, please contact us.

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