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Don’t cancel your event – move your meeting online! Vario makes the transition to virtual meetings seamless.

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Vario is one of the nation’s leading live event production companies specializing in meetings, conferences and events. Our team has been providing virtual & hybrid event options for remote attendees and presenters for 20+ years, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, are offering the best Virtual Meeting Platform and Production Support in the live and virtual event space. We all want to get back to in-person meetings, but providing virtual options for remote attendees and presenters is here to stay.

Since the current epidemic began changing the way people meet, several virtual meeting platforms have suddenly sprung up. It can be challenging to know which platform will be the best fit for your event. To learn more about what you’ll need to go virtual, how to keep sponsors and exhibitors participating, and the benefits of going virtual over postponing, visit our Livestream FAQs.

Go Virtual

Increase Attendance. Continue to Build Brand Awareness. Boost your ROI.

Vario’s Virtual Events Platform solution includes interactive features that enable the host to maintain many of the human elements of a physical event. Virtually network with guests, connect panelists with online participants, and enjoy the event experience while Vario handles all the necessary production to make for a successful virtual event. Learn about Vario’s Digital Event Platform features below.

Transform what you see, experience, and feel at your next event. Groundbreaking connections are here.  Vario has become one of the most reputable thought leaders and activists in the meetings and event technology environment. We will create the picture-perfect function via the use of cutting-edge technology and engaging interactive experiences.

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“The Vario team truly exceeded our expectations! When we approached Vario with only 10 weeks to transition our 4 day in-person event to a virtual one, their stellar team quickly assessed our situation, provided guidance on the best technology for us, and jumped into execution mode. They covered every detail possible, and excelled in every way. Our event was wildly successful because of their work and we did not have to worry about a thing---the peace of mind their expertise provided was worth everything. I must also say that in addition to their capability, they are the most amiable group of folks I’ve had the pleasure to work with. The team was patient, knowledgeable, and always positive. We will absolutely be return customers. Thank you Vario!”

Jennifer HutchesonProducts & Operations HR, Dell

Virtual Platform Benefits

Customizable Platform for You,

Full-Featured Experience for Your Attendees.

Personalized Networking

Searchable attendee directories and interactive user profiles make it easy to learn, meet and communicate with other attendees, speakers and partners. Looking to connect with others in your industry? They’re right here.

Screenshot Profile
Screenshot Groups

Community Building

Category-specific groups & “rooms” for like-minded attendees to connect, discuss and brainstorm. Social media styled feeds, walls and discussions to keep your attendees engaged before, during and after the event.

Exposure & ROI

For Sponsors and Exhibitors with custom landing pages where attendees can learn, meet and connect. Hosting a private Zoom meeting with an exhibitor? No problem.

Screenshot Exhibitors
Screenshot Session

Engaging Education

Live-streamed (or pre-recorded) webinars, presentations and panel discussions with corresponding live chat discussion, polls and Q&As. Running multiple sessions at once? We have it covered.

Customizable Platform

From schedule setup to designing your custom user groups to assisting with custom pages/content, we partner with you to deliver your perfect event. Need to promote the big annual award? Or set up an e-commerce platform to sell swag? Your custom site can have it!

Screenshot Custom Page


Host virtual “Zoom Room Happy Hours”, present awards at the live-streamed ceremony during lunch and/or host contests and games through customizable Gamification. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Hybrid Events

Vario also has a best-in-class Hybrid Event offering, which means while some guests will be able to attend in person, others can remotely view online, meaning no guest is left out due to travel limitations. Hybrid events enable you to serve an online audience at the same time as your live audience. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you host a successful hybrid event and transform your hybrid experience.

hybrid events

Virtual Event Platform Features

Features That Parallel In-Person Events, Plus Some

  • Fully customizable event conference website, use your own domain such as
  • Custom registration & payment options. Or…
  • Integrate with Cvent, Aventri, Whova and dozens of other event registration platforms*
  • Live stream and/or pre-record all virtual conference sessions
  • Supports multiple simultaneous Live Streams
  • Use almost any video conferencing software (WebEx, Zoom, Teams, etc.)
  • Real-time schedule updates with “My Sessions” features for individual virtual attendees/users
  • Q&A, Polling, and Live Chat feature-sets during sessions
  • Breakout rooms with whiteboard, annotations, and other collaboration tools
  • Supports 10,000+ users with costing not based upon number of attendees
  • Complete Virtual Exhibit Hall experience with direct sales and re-marketing capabilities
  • Include Social Media tags to increase audience engagement
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Member Directory with customizable user profiles
  • One to One Networking functionality
  • Capabilities for hybrid events – host a live audience while still engaging your online audience with a virtual component
  • Build an online video repository for post-event On-Demand monetization
  • Analytics and Metrics detailing user behavior and session attendance
  • Real-time captioning driven by AI or human resources
  • Fully secure, GDPR compliant
  • 24/7 US based tech support
  • You own the content!

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Virtual Platform Features

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of experience will the team that will be assisting us with our meeting have both with your product and in the virtual meetings business?

Vario utilizes employee technicians who have been with the company anywhere from 2-10 years, and in most instances, in the events industry for 10+ years. Because they are trained by Vario, they know our brand and our products intimately well. Our staff has been providing Live Streaming for many years, with fully virtual events only becoming popular (and now a necessity) over the past two years.

Where is your customer support located, and are they available 24/7?

All of our technicians are located in the US, and we can support all time zones.

What Platform does your system run on?

The platform is built in WordPress and represented as a sub-domain of the existing client website ( or hosted as a sub-domain on ours (, for example).

From a security perspective, what features does your platform have to prevent sessions from being taken over, hijacked?

Security and privacy are of the utmost concern when hosting a virtual meeting. The security of the platform is dependent upon the hosting provider, and in our suggested case, the hosting provider would be through the client since we would host the conference at (or similar). The entire site will be built with an SSL Certificate included. The same precautions would be taken if the site were hosted by Vario. As for security of the Livestream and video content.

What reports will we be able to access after the meeting? We do not share our attendee information, so what is the privacy policy and how is data handled?

Vario adheres to the GDPR guidelines. All reporting, including session time per user, click-trail, etc. will be owned by the client. We never sell user data and would only share data if there were specific reasons for it, and by first obtaining written consent from the client.

What level of support on the day of the event do you offer for both speakers and attendees?

As long as the budget supports it, we recommend one of our staff be available in every session, and a secondary staff person prep each presenter as they are about to go live by setting up a point-to-point test in advance. If there are adequate breaks this can often be handled by the same person. In addition to room facilitators who are there to support speakers, we always staff a tech support person who is available for attendees who are having difficulties or any questions that pertain to the platform in general. Tech support is also available via chat support module that can be segmented by type of support requested (technical support, content questions, administrative questions, etc.)

What level of support do you provide leading up to the event?

Based upon the specifics of your program, we allocate staffing to your event in the various phases, and our “white glove” service ensures a seamless production.

What sort of training do you offer to speakers and moderators? Is there a minimum amount of bandwidth a speaker or moderator needs to have from where they are presenting in order to make sure there are no issues with their presentation?

Too often our competitors offer Virtual Event Solutions that do not focus enough time and staff to the Testing and Training phase. Many hiccups and issues that happen on event day in the virtual environment can be remedied in advance with one or two training sessions with speakers and moderators held in advance of the meeting. We always include these key testing and training hours in our proposals, just as we would if a presenter would be live at an in-person event. You have read in our proposal that we suggest specific hardware the at-home presenters should utilize and can even provide a Livestream-in-a-Box solution which includes everything one needs to set up a home environment ready for broadcast. We suggest a minimum of 10Mbps of download speed, as well as 10Mbps of upload speed for a standard video connection, higher for HD and/or highly graphical presentations. Wherever possible, Vario should present the slides on behalf of the speaker or moderator, just as we would in a General Session. We understand this is probably not feasible for Breakouts, but we always recommend that we have a backup copy of the presentation ready to be inserted should the presenter’s connection become grainy or lost altogether.

Since we are running multiple breakout sessions can attendees move easily between the different sessions being offered at each time?

The breakout sessions can be presented on different tabs within the User Interface (UI), on cascading pages, or all on the same page with links to their live feeds. Clicking between breakouts would be completely seamless, and should the user choose, they could be allowed to stream multiple breakouts at the same time (discouraged if user tracking for the purpose of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Education Credits (EC) is enabled for the site). Final design and functionality of this portion would be determined during the development phase.

Our event is typically a one-day, eight-hour meeting, because of the move to virtual, would you recommend a two-day conference with shorter run times?

Keeping a virtual audience engaged for eight full hours on one day can be a challenge. We’d recommend splitting into two days if schedules permit.

Can we have all presentations live but if a speaker wanted to record their presentation and then be available for questions afterwards is that possible?

We highly recommend pre-recording all sessions that can be recorded, if at least to serve as a backup should the host’s connection go down, or he/she is otherwise not available to present during their scheduled session. All Q&A, Chat, and Polling would be live, so the presenter and/or their facilitator can attend to these areas live, even during a pre-recorded session. We can also insert natural pauses in the recording where the presenter can cut in with a live shot to address any Q&A which has been cued up, and as long as they are wearing the same clothes and in the same environment from when they pre-recorded, no one will be the wiser!

How will your product handle session Q&A and what support will our team need to supply for each session i.e. will we need to have session moderators for each session?

Our platform incorporates Q&A and Polling inherently in the software, and they can be embedded anywhere on the site. For clients with existing software that handles these features (Slido, etc.), we can also integrate their APIs into the site. We would suggest the client select a moderator for each session as this person would most likely have a much better understanding of the source content and could facilitate a more meaningful Q&A with the presenter. However, Vario can provide moderators should the client prefer or be without the staff to facilitate.

Who owns the rights to the recording? We require that we maintain ownership rights to all information presented during the virtual meeting.

The end client will always maintain full ownership rights to the session recordings.

Can your system record all presentations? If so in what format would we receive the recorded sessions in after the meeting? How soon after our event is over will we get the recordings so we can post them to our website?

All sessions are recorded in the cloud, and hosted on the Vimeo website. Files are recorded as an .MP4 and can be encoded within a few hours of a session ending. For multi-day events we recommend making recorded content available in an On Demand module/section of the website which can be available within 24 hours (or less) of the end of each session.

How does your system allow us to manage who is attending certain sessions? We will have certain sessions that are only open to one type of registration, how do we make sure this happens?

All users will be required to login to view content. Site-wide credentialing will be in place to allow authenticated users access to only the content they have paid to consume.

We have a policy that we do not allow press or external recording of our sessions, what features are in place that can help manage this?

Unless the user records their entire screen during a session, something we can not stop them from doing, there will be no access to recorded content without permission from the end client.

Can your system help market our virtual meeting?

Our development team will create the platform to be “crawlable” for search engines and mobile-friendly, however, inherently we do not market your event. If you wish to contact us to set up an event marketing plan that can certainly be arranged.

Can your platform integrate with Single Sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, we can custom develop SSO into the platform assuming the “server” conforms to certain specifications and security standards. 

Does your platform link with other registration systems?

We can also integrate your existing registration data (Cvent, Eventri, Marketo, etc.) into the platform to send login credentials to attendees based upon the attendance level they have subscribed to. This happens via import/export of CSV. Optionally, we can develop a custom APIs to automate the process.

What assistance does your product offer with the registration of attendees and is it able to handle financial transactions should we want to charge a registration fee?

We have a complete in-house registration module to build a custom registration form to fit your event. Optionally, we can process payments as well (via Stripe Credit Card processing, using an account set up in your name)

What is the capacity of your product i.e. how many people could attend the virtual meeting? How many people could attend an individual session?

We can support 10,000+ simultaneous viewers/attendees to the main session as well as individual breakouts.

What is the performance availability of your platform during the virtual meeting?

Our servers can support thousands of simultaneous users, we have no concern about the performance availability during the conference. We have the ability to host the site on a separate server specifically to offer a more robust load capacity, based upon total users accessing the meeting.

“Vario is more than a vendor we source, they are both our partner and extended family. Vario huddles onsite with us to discuss flow, options, and they infuse every event with spirit and thoughtfulness that ultimately assist in the overall pulse of our organization. I view hiring Vario as one of my personal successes because they not only meet my expectations, but far exceed them to ensure my executive, our employees, and our company is consistently setup for success. ”

Kelly O'Connor, Senior Executive Assistant to Greg Johnson, EVP and GM of TurboTaxIntuit, Inc.

“Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into our site visits. You made what would have been an incredibly tedious and daunting task of viewing all those properties and collecting proposals so much faster, easier and actually FUN!”

Elizabeth Fox, Executive DirectorForte For Children Foundation

“Five Stars for sure! My second year working with Vario on our annual spring conference and each time it gets better, knocking it out of the park. The team gives all they have in making the vision come to life. Working with Vario from the pre-production, where they make sure all the details are covered, to program day, where the team’s experience, pride in work and passion shines in creating an incredible attendee experience is what makes me a Vario client. As a meeting planner, Vario puts my mind at ease knowing I am working with a top-notch planning and production company and the A/V and production in my program are in the best hands. I look forward to working with the Vario team again.”

Carrie Shen, CMP, CMM, CEDCo-Chair EdCon Annual Conference

“The Vario team not only assists with AV needs but works with me on the planning aspect. I completely trust Vario to handle production with their amazing up to date knowledge, attention to detail and most importantly, integrity.”

Marty Covert, PrincipalCovert Operations

“Vario delivered above and beyond expectations. They are more than a vendor, they are a creative partner. Their team were exceptional and went all-in when it came to design, curation, desired impact, and budget constraints. This event was a success in a large part because of them and their professionalism. We simply could have not executed this event — to the world-class level — without their support.

My experience with Vario has given me the confidence that they are the team that can push our brand and experiences to the next level.

Crystal Mayers, Presentation Design Lead, Brand Experience & StorytellingIntuit, Inc.

“Thank you for ALL your help with our Light the Night event. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the new venue, the production value, and the event overall.”

Rachel Peniche, Board ChairLeukemia and Lymphoma Society

“In 10 years of working events, this was the most interesting experience. I can’t say I’ve seen everything but I think this comes pretty close. A huge thank you to Vario who rain or shine are bad ass partners, I will never use anyone else for my events, they pull through every time.”

Amy Ulkutekin, Event PlannerBeerfest

“We chose Vario because of their knowledge in the AV business along with their team’s professionalism, attention to detail and quality of service. They became an extended part of our team and were instrumental in making our Sales Conference a huge success.”

Angel Atondo, Sr. Marketing ManagerCavium, Inc.

“I cannot thank you and your team enough for helping to make this event a success. From the pre-event consultations, onsite flexibility and management to the personal attention – we felt so taken care of and in qualified hands. You all were such professionals and I really enjoyed working with each of your team members.”

Katie Harvill, Owner & Managing DirectorMatchstick Creative

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