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Virtual by Vario

A Virtual Platform from Event Production Experts

Don't cancel your event - move your meetings online! Vario makes the transition to virtual meetings seamless.

Do you struggle with:

  • Zoom fatigue?
  • Lacking the Technical Skill/Experience to Handle Virtual Production?
  • Engaging both Remote and Virtual Audiences at the Same Time?
  • Translating Your In Person Event into a Hybrid or Virtual One?
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Creating Memorable Event Experiences

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Vario is one of the nation’s leading live event production companies specializing in meetings, conferences and events. Our team has been providing virtual & hybrid event options for remote attendees and presenters for 20+ years. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our offering by launching a robust technological and industry-driven, Virtual Meeting Platform and Production Support that can be used in both hybrid and virtual event spaces.

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Meet with our sales team to discuss ideas and the best personalized solutions for your virtual or hybrid event

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Work directly alongside our Project Managers and Developers from start to finish to ensure every element created is what you imagined

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On show day, we’ve got it covered. Enjoy your event while our team runs the production and all technical aspects of the platform

Virtual Platform Benefits

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Customizable Platform for You, Full-Featured Experience for Your Attendees


Searchable attendee directories and interactive user profiles make it easy to learn, meet and communicate with other attendees, speakers and partners. Looking to connect with others in your industry? They’re right here.


Category-specific groups & “rooms” for like-minded attendees to connect, discuss and brainstorm. Social media styled feeds, walls and discussions to keep your attendees engaged before, during and after the event.


For Sponsors and Exhibitors with custom landing pages where attendees can learn, meet and connect. Hosting a private Zoom meeting with an exhibitor? No problem.


Live-streamed (or pre-recorded) webinars, presentations and panel discussions with corresponding live chat discussion, polls and Q&As. Running multiple sessions at once? We have it covered.


From schedule setup to designing your custom user groups to assisting with custom pages and content, we partner with you to deliver your perfect event. Need to promote the big annual award? Or set up an e-commerce platform to sell swag? Your custom site can have it!

Partner With Vario

From ideation to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. Consider us an extension of your team and let’s explore all that we can accomplish together.

We would love to answer your questions through email, phone, or a scheduled discovery consultation.