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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality, AR, and Virtual Reality for your Event

Meeting planners, marketing teams, attendees, and stakeholders today expect much more with technology. This is why Vario has brought Mixed Reality – a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) – into the forefront through our cutting-edge apps, custom-developed for today’s meetings, trade shows and events needs.

Elevate your next trade show, team meeting, or conference with fun and interactive virtual reality in the city of San Diego. Get the best equipment, customer service, and VR experience for your next event in San Diego, CA.

Put an innovative spin on your classic games and visuals. With virtual reality event technology from Vario, you can create and organize a fun corporate event that will change the course of your branding in the industry and the world.

Our VR Event Technology in San Diego

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Guests want to interface with one another at your next event. Lucky for you, our top priority is your audience engagement. We’ll excite your event attendees in a whole new world through our virtual reality experience.

Vario is one of the nation’s leading live event production companies specializing in in-person, virtual reality, and hybrid event options in San Diego and abroad.

Servicing companies for more than 20 years, our VR team’s mission is to provide the best virtual reality meeting platform and event production support.

VR and AR Event

Maximize your expo booth space or conference activities by incorporating augmented and virtual reality. Engage your guests with a unique, fun, and informative VR and AR in San Diego.

  • Innovative virtual reality designers: Make your guests and the press remember how immersive your activities are, whether it’s a video, puzzle, or game. Our VR designers and planning specialists have the ability to create an exciting event experience from your company’s vision.
  • Expert event team: Don’t worry about the nitty-gritty details. Our San Diego VR experts will answer every question about which virtual reality experience would suit your business goals and theme.
  • Professional team: We have a dedicated team who will transport, install, manage, and pack up each piece of virtual reality equipment. Our event staff has undergone course troubleshooting and intense training to ensure every VR station and booth works flawlessly.

Virtual Reality Event Planning Process

Vario uses a streamlined process that enables us to successfully deliver an amazing virtual reality experience for San Diego businesses.

  • Consultation and planning: After you submit a request on our site, our sales managers will use all available data to curate an option of virtual reality experiences for your event. We’ll walk you through the details to create personalized VR environments and setups.
  • Logistics and preparation: Once you decide what kind of virtual reality experience to use for your San Diego events, our team will handle all the procurement and preparation of the most advanced VR equipment.
  • Execution: There are VR experts who will interact with guests as they navigate each booth throughout the conference or trade show. We can take charge of the virtual reality competitions and give prizes. Our team will also deconstruct the VR stations.

What to Expect From Our VR Services

Interactive displays are among the most traditional concepts in in-person and hybrid events in San Diego. To enhance the entertainment factor of your event, we developed this enticing and immersive VR technology for your audience to have a great time at future trade shows.

Person holding a black tablet with the screen showing a diorama of green trees

Augmented Reality

Give your guests a free augmented reality experience of how your product or service will look like in their homes, restaurants, or even country. You can also process data and details about market preferences in San Diego.

Man testing out a GEAR VR headgear during an event

Virtual Reality

Are you looking to invite partners to test your prototype in a safe space? Let your investors explore more using VR headsets at your trade show booth. Take your audience to a different universe where they can experience first-hand how your service can be exciting yet helpful.

People testing out a Virtual Reality gear during an event

Classic Game and Interactive Tech

Is it your mission to bring together lifelike or out-of-this-world VR games that your customers won’t forget? Have your guests battle in a head-to-head competition of climbing Mount Everest or a group challenge of a space station mission.

How to Engage Your In Person and Virtual Audiences

Virtual Meeting

Connect, brainstorm, and play games with teams from the city of San Diego and across the globe with VR meetings. Communicate with speakers, attendees, and sponsors using personalized networking, virtual reality break rooms, and social media-styled feeds.

Virtual Reality Events We Offer in San Diego

Our San Diego VR developers use top-of-the-line equipment to bring virtual and augmented reality to entertain your future guests. We customize each virtual reality platform to fit any event like a trade show, business meeting, reception, fundraising activity, and marketing convention.


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