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Event Ideation Process

Event Strategic Ideation Session

At Vario, our event production professionals will help set up an ideation session to help you create a memorable event experience.

Strategic Planning

Starting With The End In Mind


We start with the end in mind. How do you want those meeting attendees to think, feel, and act as a result of having attended your event? This strategic thought process informs our 360 Event production approach which starts with an ideation session.

It is through this framework, that our Creative Director, Scriptwriter, and Project Manager begin with ideation and an emphasis on developing a creative framework that allows us to illuminate the ideas of an overarching meeting theme and subthemes.

We then transform thoughtful ideas into designs and impactful solutions centered around branding, content development, graphics, and motion design in every aspect of your event.

These elements will be woven into your entire event from pre-event communication and guest arrival through General Sessions, Breakouts, Videos, Scenic and Production Design, WIWO Music, Keynote Speakers, Entertainment, and overall meeting content atmospherics. In total effect, invigorate your audience to feel passionate about your vision.

Here's What To Expect:

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If you think it’s too early to involve us in a pre-production/planning discussion it typically isn’t. Our most successful partnerships are when we are part of the ideation process, as well as consulting at the time of venue sourcing because the decisions made on the site location often directly impact what can be done from a production standpoint, and will affect costs. During the ideation and planning process we will: 

  • Discuss your vision & goals
  • Explore innovative solutions
  • Outline the direction for the event
  • Review overall strategy

Create a Memorable Event

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Our event production professionals can help actualize your vision in every part of your event. Whether you come to us with a fully fleshed-out idea for your event’s look or want creative guidance from the very beginning, we can work with you to brand your event as a cohesive, unified experience for everyone involved.

Partner With Vario

From ideation to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. Consider us an extension of your team and let’s explore all that we can accomplish together.

We would love to answer your questions through email, phone, or a scheduled discovery consultation.

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