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From small stages for bands to large general session stages for corporate events in San Diego or nationwide, we will work together on an appropriate scale and design. Here at Vario, we have the ability to animate your ideas and cultivate artistic precision through our event design.

Amazing Atmospheres

Delivering Design and Next-Level Lighting

Our event lighting design team’s adaptability accounts for the visual nuances needed to bring the house down. We have the right mix of technical experience and creativity to amaze and appeal beyond your expectations with the right atmosphere. Let us help you take your event lighting to the next level.

Design and Event Lighting Success

Here's What To Expect:

We know as a San Diego event production team that it can often feel as if you are in the hot-seat rather than the spotlight. Do you find your team struggling to seamlessly design your event? Not enough time or resources to make your vision a reality? The transition from paper to production is crucial when executing a successful program. 

Consistency is at the core of relaying your central message to your attendees. We know appearance matters. Free yourself from cognitive frustrations. Our San Diego design team in correlation with our production management team will customize and create your LED stage event lighting set and backdrop to maximize branding and fulfill your San Diego event production needs.

What You Need To Know:

Uplighting / Room Lighting:

We custom design an event lighting layout to fit your theme and event decor. These market lights provide the warmth and ambience to make your San Diego event space stand out. We offer standard and intelligent DMX controlled market lights to fit any room. 

We also have multiple ceiling draping options and wall washes to choose from. Battery-operated uplighting allows us to place market lights in areas where power is either not available or would be too costly to provide market lights. Whether it’s the dance floor of a wedding or a corporate event, we can put together tasteful LED uplights that perfect the atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.

Market Strand Lighting and Lanterns:

Whether you are looking to provide a fun outdoor courtyard feeling, an elegant dinner party, or a festive corporate beach soiree, we can create the right ambiance for your San Diego event using market lighting, string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, and other unique décor elements.

Dance and Enhanced Lighting:

Our event professionals can create stunning visuals and beautiful lighting effects with both standard and computer-controlled intelligent lighting fixtures that will have your guest running to the dance floor. Vario’s event lighting designers will custom design a package with various event lighting options that fit the theme of your next event, while being mindful of the whole venue and budget. Our San Diego events lighting team have years of experience with planning corporate functions and all types of special events. Let us take your live event to the next level.

Draping – “To Hide or Enhance, that is the question.”

Draping can add a level of elegance to any space and hide anything you don’t want guests to see. Most draping options are black or gray, but we can accommodate any color, material, and height. In spaces where you want to hide certain areas, use dark draping.

If you are looking to create a focal point or make an entire room come to life, draping is recommended and can transform any space. Our event professionals carry and custom create specialty fabrics and drape vignettes, as well as have fire retardant fabrics with current fire certificates.

Custom Gobos:

Using professional event lighting equipment, we can project your company name or logo, any patterns, and just about anything else you want onto any surface. Custom Gobo technology has been a staple for many years, but is still allows for an excellent branding opportunity. Using moving fixtures we can animate your design to add another dimension to the effect.


Want to make your next event’s centerpieces come to life? By pin-spotting each of your tables you can enhance the overall dramatic effect when guests walk through the doors for the first time. Whether ceiling or floor mounted we can accommodate just about any space.

Get The Best Partner For Your Event:

Purple, orange, and white stage lighting designed for a live event venue

The right lighting can transform an event from blasé to brilliant. It’s easy for lighting details to get lost in translation, creating a lackluster look and elusive explanations. The ambiance is everything and a lighting designer can make it all happen. From colorful and strategically-lit outdoor special events to large events, to black-tie dinner functions, it is imperative to choose the right lighting solution for your program. 

What makes our San Diego events lighting team stand out is our adaptability. By carefully listening to you, our event lighting company can offer event lighting in a small, intimate space, or the grandest of ballrooms. No matter the space you have selected for your function, our skilled team makes it inviting, attractive, and unique. 

Vario can create a soft ambiance with uplighting, custom event design lighting, market strand lighting and lanterns, and event pinspot lighting to bring attention to a centerpiece. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out every detail of your event or dealing with other professional event lighting rentals, let us help you with an affordable service and custom made lighting package. Contact our event design company today to create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

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