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Random Acts of Kindness

Joshua Petrie posing and smiling in a dark gray button up shirt and business jacket

Joshua Petrie


My first four cars were ‘used’ and from time to time I’d need to push them because they broke down for various reasons, so I’m especially soft-hearted towards people with car troubles.

I was very surprised to see a brand new car stalled at the entrance to Costco the other day. About a hundred angry drivers were honking and swerving and angry to get around them, I got out and I tried to help push their car. It was a push button engine with no way to get it into neutral and the car manual was no help. I finally Googled about the car and someone online said to hold the fob very close to the start button and that finally did the trick—their fob battery was apparently almost dead!  After about 30 minutes of directing angry traffic, reading a car manual and finally Googling, they were on their way home with a plan to find their other fob and call the place they got the car.

Lance Trout smiling while wearing a light blue button up shirt, dark blue jacket, and an orange bowtie

Lance Trout


I volunteer at a church up in Menifee. I help with all the A/V media needs, doing everything from show calling, camera work, training new volunteers, etc. However, in addition to the media I also work with the youth. I had a rough time through my school years and I wanted to be a resource for the kids to rely on.

For the past ten years I have been doing my best to never judge, never condemn, and always have an open, unbiased approach to listening when a young person has something heavy on their heart. I try to be there for those kids when they need me. I never push anything but I will sit and listen and if they ask for advice I give it.

Haleigh Stewart smiling while wearing a pink shirt and black cardigan

Haleigh Stewart


I had heard that a woman in my hometown would be spending Christmas alone since all of her family and friends were home in Vietnam.She hadn’t been home in over 2 years due to COVID. Moved by her situation, I decided to pay it forward and gave her my holiday bonus so she could travel home to see her family as soon as COVID restrictions were lifted.

Michelle Hungerford crossing her arms and smiling in a black shirt and blazer

Michelle Hungerford


When I moved back to LA from San Diego in 2015, I found myself with free time while looking for a job. I have always enjoyed volunteering and love dogs, so when a friend suggested I foster a puppy, I couldn’t resist.

Eventually work travel slowed down my ability to foster, but now that I work from home, I have started fostering again. Most recently I took care of a mom and her three puppies. It not only brings me so much joy to be helping them stay out of the shelter and have a safe place to grow until they find their forever homes, but it also brings joy to my family and friends that visit and play with them.

Logan Puente posing for his headshot wearing a gray blazer and blue and white polka dot shirt

Logan Puente


San Antonio is a river city and in warmer months I like to spend my time fishing trash and metal out of the bodies of water. Oftentimes, I come across sick or hurt wild animals and bring them to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in San Antonio. On my most recent trip to the river, I rescued two baby great horned owls!

Organizations our Vario Team Supports

The Muscle Help Foundation
Delivers highly personalized experiences in the UK called “Muscle Dreams” for children and young people in the UK with Muscular Dystrophy.
—Matt Kay  

Muscular Dystrophy UK
The UK charity for individuals and families living with muscle-wasting conditions.
—Matt Kay

Women’s Audio Mission
Provides audio education and training for young non-male engineers.
—Camille Simard  

Wags and Walks 
Breaks the stigma that rescue dogs are damaged goods and to help decrease the number of dogs euthanized in local shelters by showing the community that you can find wonderful dogs of all breeds and sizes through rescue. 
—Michelle Hungerford

Bridge of Love Across the Border
Provides support, necessities, and cross-border transportation of goods to migrants at the border in Tijuana, Mexico.
—Camille Simard  


The Narrow Door 
Provides free public assistance for those whose situation calls for immediate action for hunger relief, homelessness, clothing, hygiene and church programs.
—Joshua Petrie