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We understand selling Audio Visual may be cumbersome during your selling process. To make this easier for you, we created this resource page to provide you with all that you need to start $ EARNING COMMISSION $ with Vario!

It’s important to bring up the topic of A/V as early as possible during your client/prospect process. Below are some questions you can ask to get the conversation started.

Getting the conversation started:

Three questions you can ask your client to bring up AV.

What did your AV needs look like last year?

Did you partner with an In-House AV company, or bring in an outside vendor?

How was your experience?

These questions can create opportunities to provide value to your clients and open the door to refer Vario.

Negotiating audio visual: venue contract concessions

**Always request production guidelines for bringing in a third-party AV Vendor with rate sheets for gear and labor**

Event production crew member operates a camera recording the stage at a corporate event.
  • Power – Negotiate what venue can provide complimentary no matter who your AV vendor will be. Following, request a show rate over per day rate.
  • Internet – Request comp’d Wifi (minimum 10Mbps) and show rate for dedicated lines.
  • Rigging – Request a show rate or a maximum 3-day rate over per day rate.
  • Liaison Fees – Ask to be waived or reduced.

Frequently asked questions

A: Read the fine print, there may be certain exclusive services, but they can not force you to use them for everything.
A: This labor won’t be the in-house team, and they will pay the same pricing as an outside provider.