How to Host a Tradeshow Event or Vendor Event

Happy person smiles with hands on hips at a business tradeshow event or vendor event.

Tradeshow events bring together different industry experts, which might include salespeople, suppliers, manufacturers, and inventors. This guide will look at how to host a successful tradeshow or vendor event and how you can benefit from it. How to Host a Tradeshow or Vendor Event Your event partners are central to the success of any event, […]

Why Virtual Events May Not Always Work

Laptop sitting on a table with the screen showing multiple participants in an online meeting.

The pandemic brought with it a tremendous increase in virtual events. However, the hype seems short-lived, and even with the pandemic decreasing in severity, many people have lost interest. Admittedly, some of these events still attract a good audience. However, in general, there are many reasons why virtual events may not always work. Why Virtual […]

How to Get The Best Vendors for an Event

Business woman calling a vendor in her office while looking at their website on her laptop. She is asking how to get vendors for an event.

Vendors are the most critical players in any event. That is why choosing the right vendor is key to creating a memorable experience for you and your attendees. It is, therefore, vital that you understand how to get vendors who have relevant experience and genuinely care for your needs. How to Get Vendors For an […]

Can Virtual Events Replace An In-Person Experience?

Empty red chairs in a speaking hall at a corporate event.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have been increasing in popularity. Now, it’s common to hear heated debates about whether virtual sessions can replace in-person experiences. Well, we did plenty of research and came across some pretty interesting findings. Can Virtual Events Replace An In-Person Experience? It is unlikely that virtual events […]

What Is Event Management?

Event manager's open notebook and coffee in front of their laptop on their desk.

Planning and executing a successful event can be a tedious process. From finding a great venue to ensuring flawless logistics, the work can be overwhelming. So, to ensure every aspect of an event culminates into a memorable experience for everyone, we often use event managers. In this guide, we look at what exactly event management […]