What Is Event Production?

What is event production?

Things are changing rapidly worldwide. The traditional model of hiring an event company to take care of everything from start to finish is no longer the only option. Event production is a much more collaborative process, with event professionals working together for a memorable experience. So, what is event production? What Is Event Production? Event […]

How to Increase Event Attendance

Room with empty wooden chairs

You are back on track, organizing large in-person corporate events post-covid. You have found an amazing venue, the catering team is all set up, and you even posted a few pictures on social media. However, on the event day, more than half of the seats are empty. Ouch! We want to help you avoid this […]

The Difference Between Event Management and Event Production

Venue setup

What’s the difference between event management and event production? This is a question often asked by event planners looking to add production services to their business. The Difference Between Event Management and Event Production The difference between event management and production comes from the scope of work and focus. Event management is the strategic planning, […]

What Is a Production Schedule for an Event?

Woman checking the production schedule

There is a lot that goes into organizing a successful event. Without proper planning and execution, the event is likely to flop and make a lot of people disappointed. To offer a memorable experience for your audience and crew, you need a solid production schedule. So, what is a production schedule for an event? What […]

What Is Live Event Production?

Person in charge of a live event production

Event production has become essential for many businesses and organizations in recent years. It has been used to promote products, services, and causes, increase brand awareness, and raise money for charities. So, what is a live event production, and how can it benefit your organization? What Is Live Event Production? Live event production is creating […]