Video Production

Do you need a corporate video filmed at your place of business? How about a live video feed at the general session or in any of the breakout rooms? With our experienced and trained camera operators and video mixing consoles we can record footage and produce any output type, whether something designed for Social Media or full length commercial. We also have the technology to stream your meeting or event live over the Internet via a public or private, secure link.

In addition to our video creation services if you are showing a video montage of your favorite pictures or guiding clients and employees alike through a PowerPoint presentation, our various projectors, all-region (PAL, NTSC, DVD+/-RW) DVD players or laptops, and multiple sized ultra-portable fast-fold screens are the perfect addition to any event.

If the venue already has a screen, ask about our reduced pricing for bringing the LCD Projector and DVD Player/Laptop only!